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This Is My Car


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Members dont see this ad
Ha Ha... thanks...

hei.. I'm from malaysia.....

3 month ago my friend buy corolla KE30 4door .... and now he want dress up the cars..... anyone give idea?


Looks pretty sweet, maybe freshen up the paint and install a much, much faster engine. The wheels look ok. Give em a polish and they will be nice. Are there many/any laws about what engine you can put in over there?

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What you do to them is entirely up to you and what you like. I'd probably freshen up the paint and maybe change the headlights over to the clear Crystals type. They don't really have much of a practical difference but they look better.

Oh and have the rims polished.

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X Payah tukar la...... rim tu pun boleh pergi 140km/j ape..... hu hu hu :y:


hahaha.. keren bang! jangan lupa lah tukar dia punya brake, laju tak ada rem bahaya saya ingat.. haha..

abang dari mana? KL? saya pernah tinggal 6 bulan di KL. corolla di malaysia tak banyak lah, banyak ada proton.. hehehe.

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