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North American Rollas


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Well looking at the americas section of rolla club it was a little dated...


so.. i wanted to try and get as many of the active rollas in north america to post on here hopfullly it works out


Year: 1976


Engine: Stock 2-tc


Body style- KE30



I am located in Tennessee, USA. I bought this car for about $900 and have been working on it since.

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Well... quite a bit away...(over 2000 miles) I live in the Pacific north west of the USA... Oregon...


I've been an AE86 guy for about 15 years now.... BUUUUUUUUUUUUT... I've recently acquired an AE72 coupe...




Currently she is unpowered... but being an AE72 she had a 4AC.... Soon to have a 4AGE....!!!!

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High All, great site, :hmm: i agree we need more response from USA. I'm in northern calif. would like to hear from anyone else out here. my parts are gettin hard to find. Ive had my Toy for over 22 years, paid $300 and gave the guy a ride home in it, have been beatin on it every day sense. :dance: .I have been running a 3TC for a couple of years now with a 81 T-50, rear is a 78 corona wagon (wider then stock) thats been inservice for at least 15 years or more. I have to cut van axles down 3/8 inch shorter when i spin bearings (more on that some day got pics too) :dance:


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i live in oregon too!

in the eugene area,


i have a 81 te72, its a project, ill post up some pics tomorrow!

got it for 200$ an it was ugly as sin, but i have about 300$ into it so far, just resto wise, and I'm only 17 and this is my first rolla so any help/ tips would be cool too!

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Little Rock, Arkansas here

1968 KE10 2 door

1.1 K-C bumped to 1.2 3K-C

725,506 miles

Oh, and I paid $300 for it 26 years ago...thought I would drive it til I found something better...still looking 15-smile.gif


My gray Toy at my Blue Lodge

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