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  1. fitting a LEEN adapted J160 to an E7 chassis. There is no hammering, at least with the 4A bell
  2. you might want to check cam timing too....
  3. any old engine should be rebuilt....... SR20, or 4AGE... If the rod hasn't broken(SR20)... you might just be able to machine the crank and run oversize bearings. Do you have a FR type transmission for the SR20? A smallport is the best of the 16V 4AGE versions... to run it in your car you will need to do some custom work on the intake manifold (either a cut and shut, or a clip and flip - you need the T/B end reversed), OR run ITBs. you will need to deal with the cooling system as previously mentioned.
  4. You might try asking Spectra Premium Industries - http://ecat.spectrapremium.com/products/TO1B What I don't know is if this is a efi tank or not
  5. a LONG time ago... back when I began, a local friend had a 84 Starlet(?) with a 4KE, and he had spent $$ on a ported head, and intake. Well his ported head had a crack, and so after we bought a replacement KE head, I GENTLY did some porting, mostly to try and match his head to the ported intake. I did a tiny (insufficient) amount of exhaust porting as well. The most significant work I did on it was to clear away casting marks in the top of the head to allow for better oil drainage
  6. no margin of error, there are small drops in volume @ .050, and .100 - after the new valve job I'm hoping to gain some of these #s back To keep it as simple as I can for a wide audience.... Part of the bowls shape, and part of the bowls/ports size, as well as the original valve job "helped" the .050, and .100 lift #s, but the first 2 seriously restricted volume. In essence the original port/bowl shape was to "extend" the 3rd angle(throat angle) of the valve job to an extreme to maximize port velocity, at the expense of volume and the 7AF has very good port velocity - just find a dyno print out of a stock 7A and you will see it makes a nice torque curve. But @ 115hp it leaves volume on the table. The goal here is to increase cylinder filling, and while I know some of the velocity has dropped do to porting, the drop is minor compared to the gains. From a bit of digging (3rd post down - http://www.wheelsjamaica.com/wheels_forum/index.php?topic=165509.0 ) The 2nd gen camshafts are 224 duration overall. 2nd GENOverlap: 8.00 degreesIntake Duration: 224.00 degreesExhaust Duration: 224.00 degreesIntake Installed Centerline of 106.00 degrees ATDC.Exhaust Installed Centerline of 110.00 degrees BTDC. We can do a bit of math, and a bit of guessing( duration @ .050") 18 degrees of ramp(36 total - up and down) are common on 4AG cams, so we can assume this, and then subtract 36 degrees to find the duration @ .050" for the 4/7AF cams: 36-224=186. ASSUMING the ramp is correct, or even close we are @ or near 186 degrees duration @ .050". Now we are given the centerline @ 106, so there is half of our 186 before 106, and the other half after it. Subtract 93 from 106 and we make an educated guess the cam is open .050" @ 13 degrees after top dead center, 13 degrees off TDC the downward moving piston is not yet at peak draw. At this point the cam lift is opening faster now, in the next 93 degrees, the lobe will open to .338". And this is where the volume advantage will fill the cylinder better, for the cylinder will be at its peak vacuum, when the valve is open higher. I hope that wasn't too overwhelming......... For those who like numbers: add up all the volumes at all the lift points except .350" as the cams don't lift to here, now double the result. Now compare before vs after.... Before 1236.2 cfm total, vs after 1354.2 cfm
  7. So it has been a while.... and after some digging... there is improvement to be found.... more to come.... .
  8. So before I can dig into this, I'll need to get it on my flowbench and see what is in her. To do that I need a new valve setting jig. This pair of contraptions are what I used 7 years ago.... It worked.... kinda... but it took most of a day to get readings :( Since this is a clients head, a more reliable, and accurate tool must be made.... and so it began life as most of my valve setting tools do... in plastic Not only is this tool far better, and far more accurate, it takes only a few minutes to set it up. and now that I have the tool, the numbers... please more to come..... :D
  9. Garrett GT2554R (aka GT25R) Ball Bearing Turbo Dual Ball Bearing GT25R Turbo assembly with internal wastegated turbine housng assembly. T25 .64A/R turbine with 5 bolt flanged outlet. Very Good turbo response for 4 Cyl applications. This turbo has a flow capacity of about 250HP. Turbine -Wheel: 53mm w/ 62 trim -Housing: .64 ar Compressor -Wheel: 54.3mm w/ 60 trim -Housing: .80 ar
  10. I've asked... hopefully I'll get a response........
  11. What you see below is a 2nd gen "F" head with 4 downward sloping intake ports. My client is planning on running about 10#s of boost though this........ More to come........ :D
  12. In my AE71, I'm using an AE86 fuel tank with a few minor mods (fuel neck "straightened"), I'm also running the AE86 GT-S fuel lines. I've got close to 20k on it so far with no issues
  13. USA member here so unsure of T18, but I have a 1983 E7 coupe that I've fitted AE86 struts too. The most significant difference for fitting AE86 struts into an E7 chassis is the E7 chassis has 12mm more room between the strut towers.... Let that sink in. What that 12mm does is change the kingpin angle of the axle/strut - So using AE86 struts(brakes) in an E7 results in positive camber - you don't want positive camber. So if using AE86 strut tubes... you either need adjustable tops, or a longer lower control arm to adjust for the difference in kingpin angle DOH ... springs..... I'm pretty sure you can't run AE86 springs in E7 strut tubes... I've forgotten the specifics, but it was either the lower, or upper spring retainer that has different diameters
  14. Why do people do this? I know it looks/sounds cool, but the grief is just not worth it... I'm all for running a 4AGE, but with a stock 4AGE run a single t/b. Yes, I know you have a fwd intake, either find a rwd intake, or engineer your air cleaner to work from a fwd manifold. IT is SOOO MUCH easier, AND it will be turn key (everyday) reliable too! apologies for my opinion.........
  15. What is the current compression ratio? Is it higher then the stock engine? Before spending $$ on cams, you might look @ raising the engine compression enough to better utilize the cams you decide on.
  16. WHY do you want another/different speedo? In my case I got a Euro speedo because the USA speedo stops @ 85 mph TE71 GT (2TG powered) cluster
  17. OP's photo shows intake side... also the hole appears to be in the oiling area of the head....??? my USA head does not have it. From where that hole/port is, I wonder if it is a secondary breather for blowby????
  18. If you re-route it, it stays far away, and then just use a banjo bolt as previously described
  19. I try to be careful when it comes to accessorizing Surreptitious... don't want her looking trashy... So these became available.... and I jumped on them... fit isn't bad... They are just propped in there for now, I'll need to come up with a method to mount them securely as the original mounts were not included repairs???? Was out running a few heads out to the machine shop and all of a sudden the blinkers slow to a crawl.... found the directional relay, and replaced it.... Oh... I also acquired(purchased) a new set of wheels.... 15x6.5 +19 for the fronts, and 15x7 + 13 for the rears.... should be here in about 2 weeks......
  20. as far as I know this is the only AE71 that can LEGITIMATELY carry this vinyl... :D
  21. Got this pic a few years ago when my friend (in pic looking at other car) and I were out doing some tuning to increase fuel efficiency. Front is a little bit lower, an inch maybe a tiny bit more, the rear is not lower, it might even bit a tiny bit taller.... providing a small forward rake to the car...... ;)
  22. Many project cars never get driven.... and fewer still make it to 20k miles..... :drinks: a recent ride....
  23. It is possible to get more from a 4AF engine, but it isn't cheap.
  24. sorry late to this little chat..... I've done a little "K" engine port work..... very early on. anyone test their work on a flowbench?? unfortunately my bench was not available when I did my K porting....
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