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Hans' Ae92 Sedan


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Hi Everyone,


I have always been a big fan of the AE92 sedan with the Black Bumpers, my dad owned one when i was a little boy back in the early 1990's and the car grew on me since... i recently bought one and i may have been stung by the mod bug..my every fortnight when i get paid i start to hunt for parts..


so anyway here's the car when i bought it: (i apologise about picture size)




the very 1st thing that i did was change the Dash equipment, the car didnt have a tachometer, so i sourced one from the wreckers and swapped it, of couse i took the speedometer apart and trasferred the original Kms


here it is fitted with the tachometer. i have also removed the cd player from the top, i intend to put it in the lower compartment, i wish to use the upper compartment for Volt gauge, water gauge and oil gauge(i will do this once i decide which engine i will swap into the car)




I'm used to using the foggies on my prelude so foglights on the corolla was emminent:




next on the list i wanted to add a set of 17' Lenso Muse to the car, i havent fitted them on yet..




i will post more photos as i go along, i really wish to pull it off as a true sleeper, i'm even thinking along the lines of 3SGTE, but i wont go that crazy, i wish to go for an actual 4 cylinder engine e.i 4AGE 20V, 7AFE..


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slowly working on the interior.. black Dash faceplate, leather gear cover..




Next i needed to the the Apron just below the headlights..it was dented.


so from:




in between removint eh dented apron...








next i need to get some lug nuts to fit the Lenso Muse Wheels on :jamie: then get a boss kit for a steering wheel

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so anyway, i got the gauges..


i bought:



Oil pressure

Water temp


i am having 2nd thoughts about the ammeter(due to horrible dash fire stories), so i'm gna buy the volt gauge later and hook it up :)


this is how i inted to place them, i still need to make a face plate to cover the gaps:






next up was to actually fit my rims on. i will lower the car later when i buy some lovell springs..




i wish to keep it simple and sleek, as for exterior work this is almost it, the only things left for exterior is


- Blue Brake calipers

- Darkest legal window tint

- spray the bit between the tail lights black

- Lowered springs


i will update more later as i work on the car.

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Looks great man, love the wheels. I would have to agree with you! That model is my favourite in the series too. :)


One thing I wouldn't agree with would be to call it a sleeper. By just looking at what wheels it has its not a sleeper, its already drawn attention.

I say go all out, lower it, alarm, central locking, tint, exhaust and sound system. And why the hell not, go the 3SGTE too ;)

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^^thanks! ;)


yeah i couldnt help it i wanted 17' wheels real bad i wanted that stability felt in sports coupes :D


it's already got central locking/alarm


it has cruise control believe it or not! :)




as for exhaust, for now I'm gna get an aftermarket Tip. Engine is the last thing i will do. 3SGTE is very temping and requires lots of Hands on work..at this stage I'm thinking something very rare, like a 7afe turbo.. 4AGE 20V of course is an option, but its also a very common conversion ;) but I'm looking at working on the prelude next year, so the corolla will be my daily driver, so the 7AFE is a very likely option for this rolla. i have a 7AFE in the 95 conquest, and i love the engine response, its light and responsive, power wise lacking but consistent..


It wont be a rolla i'd be redlining daily, but its a car I'm building for the sheer pleasure of driving one of toyotas most successful corollas, but at the same time it needs "decent" grunt under the hood.

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so anyway..this is a basic update..


i painted the part between the tail lights black, which was is very common, but it has a nice new shiny feel to it :)












the back looks better than before imo. the car is starting to look like i imagined it, slowly getting there ;)



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hi Hans, l just got the same car as yours but with a 20v engine.. l was wondering how you got the tacho installed?




nice work on the 20v Aquisition XD


installing the tacho wasnt hard, its basically "plug and play"


fist buy yourself a gauge cluster for the AE92 that has a tacho in it. (got mine at the wreckers for $50)


the only problem is removing the original cluster and placing the new one, it's a delicate operation that has to be done with care so that you don't damage anything


i should propably do a decent step by step write-up to help out...but i'd need proper photos :D


so anyway if you are the hands on type the following steps should be able to help you.


(you do this at your own risk, i am not responsible for any damages to your car)


here's a quick write up with photos that i already took..




1. Remove the Dash face plate with care. (2 screws, the rest are clips to be unclipped)


2. Remove the Cluster cover (6 screws from memory)


you will then end up with:




3. At this point you can remove the steering whell to give you more working space.


you will clearly see 2 screws at the top of the speedometer and another 2 screws at the bottom of it attaching it to the car.


4. remove those screws.


Now comes the tricky part.


5. pop the hood go to the engine bay.


6. Undo the odometer cable (this is what accrues the kilometers in your car) - because the cable is short it'll prevent you from pulling the gauge cluster from the dashboard. this is why you undo the odometer cable.




7. go back in the car slowly pull the cluster out. (you will only have enough room to put your hand behind it)


8. unclip/unplug all 3 electric cables. (behind the speedometer/cluster)


9. lastly unclip the odometer cable. (you can feel the cable, Hold/press the plasic clip hard and pull, it should come off)


10. your gauge cluster should now have come out.


11. replace with new cluster that has the tacho in it. plug everything back to normal.


if you wish to transfer your orginal kms, you'd have to pull the gluster apart.

(i wouldnt recommend this to a lot of people because it isnt a simple thing to do, i will do a proper write up for this later)


now you can just do the reverse and put everything back together. .


P.s you can also install the GTi dash with the extra gauges such as voltage + oil meter + clok, however youd nee a whole new dash harness.


i hope this helps..


good luck.

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New update: Longer Rear wheel lug Bolts


special thanks to Parrot who gave me the idea and saved me lots of $$ by doing so ;)


Refer to this thread: Longer Lug Bolts


Reason: Spacers used because offset of Rims too large


Bolts used: Mitsubishi Sigma Lug Bolts


so i went to the wreckers..


Corolla Bolt compared to Sigma bolt:





preparing the bolt: because they've been at the wreckers, exposed to weathering, they had some rust, using some WD40 fixed them up :yes:




then i had to replace the original bolts on my car to the sigma ones, it was tricky, but in the end i used the simple solution.


1. remove original bolt with hammer (be careful, so you don't ruin the thread)


2. place longer bolt in housing(make sure the teeth match)


3. using a loose nut place on the bolt as shown below:




4. then use the original nut and tighten really hard. The aim is to make sure the Lug bolt fits the housing firmly




5. Make sure the new lug bolt is full fitted into the housing.


6. After having done all 4, Place the drum back on. (for disc brake, place the disk rotor back on)


7. Double check your work.


8. Clean the surface of the drum, place spacer on. (because i am using a universal one. i have to adjust it once the wheel is on to make sure its centered.




9. Place wheel back on. tighten all nuts.


10. Done!


i know this wasnt an exciting mod, but having longer bolts allows me to use spacers with larger wheels.



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