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Jip's 2003 Subaru Liberty Wagon


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Well this is the car I bought when I traded my KE30 in. I must say it is alot of fun compared to a K engine. Well I guess anything is fun compared to a K engine lOl

Its the 2.5Ltr model with all the bells and whistles. Tho I wish it was the turbo'd model sometimes. Well thats always a maybe in the future :D


Not many plans for her as of yet. I was thinking of getting larger rims. Maybe black with a little bit of polished dish. The brakes on this car like to dust up the wheels pretty quickly.

I am hoping to be able to buy factory mats as there are anchor points for them. I also am wanting the factory rubber strip that lays on the back bumper so when you load stuff you don't damage the paint.

I will need to most likely get the bumpers repainted too. Both front and back have a couple of dings and chips. Maybe even get something better for the front?

I'm thinking against lowering it as it will lose all practicality. I was scrubbing on the camping trip just gone so any lower would mean I can't load it up right.

Also the current head unit is a double din unit. I would really like something that has a touch screen, is a DVD and plays MP3's with USB capabilities.


Well here are some pics...






I've removed the tow bar.






mmm wood grain


Pop out cup holder and the double din head unit.


Power Windows And Mirrors


Cruise Control



And last week...



I think I need to break up the colour a bit tho. The interior is too bland.

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Well I've been gone for a while and as I have sold/given away all my cars/parts, I though I'd update the only ride I have.


So thankfully after two non faulted insurance claims I have the rear bar, front bar, drivers rim & drivers guard repaired. And a new inner guard, drivers headlight and headlight protector. I can thank the drunk P plater that tried ramming my car off the road for that. Was quite frightening to see his car do a 360 in front of my very eyes tho.


But anyway here is my car now. I got detailing and gave it a couple coats of polish :)


Oh and it finally has a name. Her name is Uber!!



Damage from the drunk P plater...


My Uber with its new roof racks!!


Without the bonnet protector. Check out the refection of the tree :)


The back with the new rear step protector.


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Well I am an idiot. After 14 months of ownership I found out I have a 6 stack cd player under my passenger seat :bash:

post-1158-026655000 1284344035_thumb.jpg

post-1158-099440600 1284344082_thumb.jpg


Also a week ago today my balls dropped :P

post-1158-086318400 1284344126_thumb.jpg


Also this Thursday my windows will be getting the darkest legal tint :D



And here are some pics of the other day :)

post-1158-041932800 1284344220_thumb.jpg

post-1158-087100500 1284344275_thumb.jpg

post-1158-030952800 1284344332_thumb.jpg

post-1158-011698100 1284344387_thumb.jpg

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