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Qld Members Census...


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Seeing that there are a fair few members who want to know where our other members are I thought I would do a census. So please post...


Please copy and past in your post as a template

[b]Member Name[/b] - 
[b]Area[/b] - 
[b]Daily Drive[/b] -


And I'll Update The List.


This is for the whole state so even if your far north please put your details down as there might be more members from your area.




Sunshine Coast


Member Name - blzbub666 (Reed)

Area - Beerwah.

Daily Drive - Red 89 Ford Laser Ghia. Matt black 82 KE70.


Member Name - oh what a nissan feeling! (Matt)

Area - Palmwoods

Daily Drive - MS57. Projects - KE30 -KE25


Member Name - Scotty19832008 (Scott)

Area - Sunshine Coast.

Daily Drive - 1988 AE82 Liftback, 1986 AE82.




Member Name - Caliba (Brendan)

Area - Murrumba Downs.

Daily Drive - White AE71 Spirit.


Member Name - Ella (Kent/Luke)

Area - Redcliffe

Daily Drive - White Ke70 Dx (370-LTD)


Member Name - PHATKE20S (Douggie)

Area - Redcliffe (Inala by the sea).

Daily Drive - Rolling tent (KM36 LiteAce) = Current Daily. KE26 Panno = near future show pony. KE10 x2, KE20 2dr, KE25 = works in progress (slooooow progress that is) ...........


Member Name - scarecrow84 (Tony)

Area - Redcliffe.

Daily Drive - '96 AE101 (also know as the 'lil green rocket').


Brisbane Northside


Member Name - Jooboy (Ben)

Area - Chermside.

Daily Drive - KE20 (Penny Twenny).


Member Name - KaiShin (Kel)

Area - Bray Park

Daily Drive - 78 KE30


Member Name - Kriso (Kris)

Area - Bellbowrie.

Daily Drive - Rodeo (company car) Mazda 6 (mrs daily drive) KE55 new toy!


Member Name - Redwarf (:))

Area - Brisbane Northside.

Daily Drive - '10 Volkswagen Touareg (Plus couple Corollas stashed in garage)


Member Name - TRD ke70 (Chris)

Area - Nundah

Daily Drive - 08 D40 Navara




Member Name - Invisible Dark (Chris)

Area - Brisbane.

Daily Drive - 1989 AE92 CSX Hatchback.


Member Name - mighty_whitey (William)

Area - Brisbane.

Daily Drive - AE92 Seca.


Brisbane Southside


Member Name - AE80ROLLAGUY (Tory)

Area - Mt gravatt.

Daily Drive - Ae93 SX 4agze.


Member Name - BLUDGER (Tim)

Area - Forest Lake.

Daily Drive - KE70 panelvan.


Member Name - Dann_m (Dan)

Area - Forest Lake.

Daily Drive - 82 model flat front KE70 .


Member Name - Gecko71 (Stewart)

Area - Graceville.

Daily Drive - Beige AE71.


Member Name - goobag (Gareth)

Area - Woolloongabba.

Daily Drive - White AE92 GTI hatch.


Member Name - LittleRedSpirit (Matt)

Area - Indooroopilly.

Daily Drive - 2006 Triton, White AE71 CSX.


Member Name - ohwhatafeelinke30 (Jared)

Area - Runcorn

Daily Drive - Green/Yellow KE30 Two Door


Member Name - TommyGun (Tommy)

Area - Tarragindi.

Daily Drive - Barina.


Member Name - stevoturner

Area - Mt Gravatt

Daily Drive - 1996 rodeo 4x4 daily drive , 1984 ke70 corolla as a project car


Member Name - Undertaker_is_the_best (Chris)

Area - Corinda.

Daily Drive - AU falcon futura.




Member Name - andr3w (Andrew)

Area - Browns Plains

Daily Drive - Yellow KE30 sedan


Member Name - benny20 (Ben)

Area - Browns Plains.

Daily Drive - KE20, KE55 Hardtop.


Member Name - JiP (Jon)

Area - Browns Plains.

Daily Drive - Silver Liberty Wagon. Green 1975 Chrysler Valiant Galant. Orange 1980 KE55 hardtop (Project).


Member Name - mungi mods (Terry)

Area - Browns Plains.

Daily Drive - KE70 xx sedan, the sh*tter. KE70 Panelvan .. Daniella the Delivery.


Member Name - yohan (Matt)

Area - Browns Plains.

Daily Drive - Red KE70 sedan




Member Name - ---KE20--- (Josh)

Area - Wellington Point.

Daily Drive - 06 Navara str, KE20.


Member Name - cdtoaster (Tim)

Area - Brisbane Bayside, Alexandra Hills

Daily Drive - VXII Commodore


Member Name - lanceishere (Lance :cool: )

Area - Alexandra Hills.

Daily Drive - Feet... but working on stock beige ke70 cx 5-speed.




Member Name - AE70 (Des.)

Area - Darra.

Daily Drive - AU2 falcon.


Member Name - evil rolla (Cameron)

Area - Ipswich.

Daily Drive - AE92 Sedan.


Member Name - gerkin-man (??)

Area - Ipswich

Daily Drive - KE70


Member Name - Roladude (Andrew)

Area - Lowood 20 mins from Ipswich.

Daily Drive -UM 1984 Nissan Bluebird , 2004 Nissan Pulsar.




Toowoomba And Surrounding Areas


Member Name - doripig_01 (Ben)

Area - Toowoomba

Daily Drive - Holden Apollo (camry thingo), And My CA18 KE70 Corolla when its finished


Member Name - Felix (??)

Area - Gatton

Daily Drive - 87 E32 BMW (Awaiting TLC - ke15, ke16, ke10x2)


Member Name - Old Fella (Trevor)

Area - Toowoomba.

Daily Drive - 1988 fj62 Landcruiser, 1995 ef falcon, 1995 ef fairmont and 1982 KE70 toy.


Member Name - towe001 (Rob)

Area - Toowoomba.

Daily Drive - '75 KE30 (aka turtle), '07 ch Lancer.


Gold Coast


Member Name - 666 (?)

Area - Benowa.

Daily Drive - ...


Member Name - dallaske55 (?)

Area - Upper Coomera.

Daily Drive - ...


Member Name - decoop (?)

Area - Coomera.

Daily Drive - ...


Member Name - dinosaur (Deano)

Area - Maudsland.

Daily Drive - 1989 CS AE92 Sedan.


Member Name - loveke70 (Andrew)

Area - Yatala.

Daily Drive - Patrol.


Member Name - luke.t. (Luke)

Area - Gold Coast

Daily Drive - Bin green KE70, Pimp KE26 wagz on the way.


Member Name - Nitephyre (Matt)

Area - Springbrook from 20th Feb.

Daily Drive - 2002 Mitsubishi Legnum VR4.


Member Name - Roo (Andrew)

Area - Gold Coast.

Daily Drive - ...


Member Name - The_Lab (?)

Area - Gold Coast.

Daily Drive - ...


Northern NSW


Member Name - Beevee (Bob)

Area - Grafton.

Daily Drive - Blue 1978 KE30.

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Members dont see this ad

Far North Qld




Member Name - 7shades (Jared)

Area - Cairns.

Daily Drive -Varies.




Central Qld








Wide Bay Region




Member Name - Rolla_Baby (Jess)

Area - Bundaberg.

Daily Drive - Yellow 1984 KE70.


Hervey Bay



Tin Can Bay


Member Name - ca18ae71 (Phil)

Area - Tin Can Bay.

Daily Drive - 84 white KE70. 2008 s&m ltf.

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Douggie (PHATKE20S)

Redcliffe (Inala by the sea) LOL

Rolling tent (KM36 LiteAce) = Current Daily

KE26 Panno = near future show pony

KE10 x2, KE20 2dr, KE25 = works in progress (slooooow progress that is) ...........

Edited by PHATKE20S
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