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The Cruise Thread


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So has anybody got any ideas for a cruise yet? Coast to mountain run? Like sunny coast to somewhere north of brisbane (redcliffe is pretty in the middleish of north coast and brisbane) then down to tambourine? And wherever we decide after that? Either home for everyone or continue onto the goldy, whats your thoughts? Anyone keen?

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so the 3-4 weeks suits people if so then are we going meet up and ride down there together or just turn up there cause i think as a group would be much easier for us any suggestions lol i was thinking springwood maccas for everyone sorta like we did for the wellington point cruise earlier in the year



this is just for people that want to know the times and cost thought this would help if needed lol


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As long as we can see Twilight: Eclipse, I'm happy. :jamie:



May have my car painted by then too. Forced time off= stupid election screwing with the building industry = time to paint my car.


AHHHHH just realised you listen to it through your car stereo right? Damn need to get my sub sorted.


So keen. Plus this is one of the best cruise ideas ever.

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Twighlight are you serious??? That is a shit movie(yes i have seen it the misso dragged me along :jamie: ), why not see something better? Guess we can sort it out on the night, so dates people dates? August when? Friday or saturday night?

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