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The Cruise Thread


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Thinking of organising a Sunny Coast cruise.


But this time starting north side (North Lakes?) so its easier for slackers and ending up somewhere up here.


Tentative ATM, see who is keen. I'll grab BBQ food again. Gimme a PM if you are interested and if there are a few I'll start a thread and do some organising.

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I wanna have my 5K in before the next full on one. Was thinking a good one would be North Lakes to Mt Mee lookout via Dayboro or the longer way via D'aguilar (prob better, no traffic lights). Or a goldie all day cruise. Easter is coming up, 5 day weekend.

Or a casual meet up somewhere sometime soon would be all good. Near a pub.

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north lakes tav is boring, mango hill tav, $12 meals are good, dayboro pub is awesome and a nice drive, woodford pub has been done up quite nice and they have meat raffles, there is a pie shop in wamuran also, so I'm down hoping i don't run out of fuel again haha

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hey guys like nisrola has suggested, a brbie cruise could be awesome.


there are plenty of bbq spots around on the waterfront. some pretty decent veiws. then a drive to the rsl/ bowls club for beers and karaoke ;)


get keen fellas

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