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Help On Ae86?


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Recently a neat GZE powered AE86 went on ebay for $3K - was trying to get a mate to buy it! But yeah - price variance is crazy - if you're gonna mod it don't get a JDM one they're very exxy these days. Expect to pay $3K + for a nice clean ADM shell - price keeps on going up the better they get.

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I picked up mine for just over 2, but it was a bit of a rare find (one female owner, bought it the day after she got her licence). Mine had no mods whatsoever and 550,000 on the clock along with a couple of other little surprises, so I've already spent a fortune on it (just changing over the engine to a 20v). I'd say you wouldn't pick one up for less than 3k (and that probably wouldn't be anything spectacular). Realistically you are looking 5 - 15 for just the car, depending on exactly what you want and what you want it for. They are beautiful cars (and I absolutely love mine, it's great to drive) but super overpriced and getting rarer. I'd budget 10-15 total at least in case there is something extra that you want to do after you get it. You can check my thread and see the pics of mine when I got it.

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Can get a JDM one imported for about $8000-10000 for a very good one but that is if you do most of the running around with compliance, ect.


Otherwise you could get an import company to do all the work which I was looking at and would have cost $8500 for a ok condition JDM one.

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