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  1. I should be free. Not sure if the Driftegra will survive another drive down the Clyde though, lol.
  2. Most people on here would hate this... but I'm a big fan of rice, looks awesome!
  3. There is an IDA (Initial Drift Australia) drift day on at Wakefield this Sunday (8th of January, 2012). Free for spectators, cars on track from 9:30 More details here: http://www.maztuned.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=515181
  4. Haven't been checking the forums lately so I missed this one. If you are in Canberra and interested in a bolt in engine upgrade for you KE I have a 7k with twin SUs for sale in my KE55. It doesn't make heaps of power, but it's got a lot more than a stock 4k and has got quite a bit of torque. If you are interested at all (or need some KE55 bits as I'll be wrecking mine soon) send me a PM. Welcome to the Canberra rolla scene.
  5. Tarmac ended up getting a KE55. I'll probably be parting out my KE55 soon, so if there are extra panels and stuff people need let me know.
  6. The only way to know for sure is to contact an engineer (preferably the one you are going to use to engineer the car) anything else that you hear online (aside from this advice) is quite possibly wrong.
  7. When putting a 4A into a KE70, people will use either an AE86 or AE71 engine crossmember, so I'd assume that you would need to get something custom made (could be a kit or something out there). You would most likely need the hydro clutch setup. As mentioned, the KE70's have a cable clutch, whereas most more modern things will use a hydraulic. These used to be around $80-$100 each, though now people are asking (and getting) upto $250. My advice (and the advice off almost everyone else on the forums) would be to find an existing build thread where someone else has done the conversion (as it's fairly common) and see what they have done. This will also let you find out all the possible pitfalls etc.
  8. Valid opinion... though I thought the standard approach of all Corolla owners was: Step 1: Remove emissions stuff Step 2: ?????? Step 3: Profit!
  9. Yeah I have one of those grilles on my KE55, always wondered what the badge looks like. I reckon it's my favourite of all the grilles.
  10. The dog is loving it, getting woken up by a barking dog is just what I want at 6:20am on a Monday morning :/
  11. The FT-86.... aimed at drifters and golfers alike!
  12. Depends what sort of condition you want the shell in.... the roof on mines a little better than yours, but the rust isn't great....
  13. I just missed getting pictures of the roll (I had taken some of you approaching the corner and was looking at them on the camera when everyone started gasping etc. I chucked a couple of pictures from the event up on my smug mug here: http://craigtregear.smugmug.com/Cars/LCCC-Khanacross/LCCC-Khanacross-03-12-2011/20395400_vQ2WQW#1613934152_6jfF6j6 I was quite shocked and impressed to hear that I came first on road tires and second outright, wasn't expecting that at all. I then found at later (just after I had begin to think I wasn't terrible) that there had been a scoring error and in fact I hadn't come second, I'd actually done really badly (which was expected, though after thinking I wasn't too bad it was a bit of a kick in the balls bringing me back to the harsh reality of my terrible driving ability). I know that there is a particular KE55 for sale in Canberra, it has a lot of rust, but also has a 7k :wink: ..... http://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/56447-7k-ke55-act-no-regorwc/
  14. Selling my KE55 with 7k. The engine had some work done a couple of years ago and was fitted with twin SUs. Comes with K50 gearbox, 4-1 extractors, 2 inch exhaust and the full fuel setup to run the engine. Depending on price I might throw in the fixed back bucket seat. The shell is quite rusted (and in my opinion can't be fixed), though there are probably some usable panels. Would be great for anyone looking to do a 7k conversion/project. The engine will require some minor work, but I can go into all the details with anyone interested. I've had the car since I got my licence, but over the past few years haven't had much chance to drive it and it's time to say a sad goodbye. If you are interested and want some more information, send me a message or shoot an email to [email protected] Comes with: 7k Engine Twin SUs All linkages, manifolds etc for the carbys Extractors 2 Inch exhaust Fuel pump and regulator Narva H4 headlights K50 (5 Speed) gearbox Stock suspension and diff All panels (though some are quite rusty and the shell has some holes) Great for anyone interested in upgrading to a 7k.
  15. Sloth

    2011 Events

    Couple of pics from the recent JDM Fest: http://craigtregear.smugmug.com/Cars/Car-Shows/JDM-Fest-2011/20214356_xWKLRB#1597275912_x2pcmCJ Also some from the recent private skid pan day I organised: http://craigtregear.smugmug.com/Cars/Fifth-Gear-Skid-Pan/Fifth-Gear-Skidpan-19112011/20196236_C4RkdL#1595380031_vXSGhvS
  16. Only managed to snap a couple of pics of the day (got up late and had to head to an afternoon session at the skidpan), but there was one of your car: http://craigtregear.smugmug.com/Cars/Car-Shows/JDM-Fest-2011/20214356_xWKLRB#1597276267_jDQz7vB
  17. Powwaaa! I should've run the driftegra.
  18. I'm in!! Can't wait!! Will be bringing out the Driftegra (going to expand my title from "Champion of the Honda division of 2011 MGCCC Motorkhana" to "2011 ACT Honda Khana Champion".
  19. As long as they are adjustable 86 front tops then they will be fine. The stock (non-adjustable tops) give bad castor, but if you have adjustable ones you can correct it.
  20. Surge tank went in today. Unfortunately the car wouldn't start (looks like a small wiring issue with the ECU), hopefully this will be sorted soon.
  21. Anyone got a set of 15 inch 114.3 rims with a decent offset for a KE70? I'm after a set of wheels to run on the front of my car for Matsuri.
  22. KENut just dropped off a welded diff center and two spare axels! Getting closer and closer to some hectik drifting next weekend!
  23. Coilovers are in!! JRiftin's been busy and installed my coilovers. There was a couple of issues along the way; the drivers side wheel bearing was quite badly damaged, both front calipers had seized, the wheels I was hoping to put on the front were the wrong offset (requiring at least a 20mm spacer) and the tires on the wheels wouldn't hold up to a weekend of drifting. With all of that though, they are on successfully and are quite stiff. The height is a lot better at the front now. I've also got a set of RPM racing gloves, hopefully they will work well with my suede wheel out on the track.
  24. I've got a particular 7k with twin SUs for sale if you are looking ;)
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