Ke26 1Jz Turbo (No Longer 13B Turbo)

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hey guys.


Been meaning to put a thread up for ages but never got around to it, so here it is..


My cousin Justin (ke26_wagon) and i have been building the ke26 for the most of the year now. Always loved ke20's and ke26's and came across this wags, which is formerly another members car (PHATKE20S) dougie.

SDR at windsor have mounted the engine, gearbox, made the manifold and the dump pipe.


Plans for the car are:


- 13b series 5 import motor unopened

- GT3776 standard bearing turbo 1.12 rear

- Microtech or Haltech, havent decided yet

- Standard injectors to start with, if it doesnt run well, will get 1000cc's in there

- 3" stainless exhaust 2 mufflers

- bosch 044 fuel pump

- Carter lift pump

- Custom 2L surge tank

- custom fuel tank

- 3spd Jatco freshend up, 3500 stall, ratchet shifter

- Shortened hilux diff, leaf springs moved in to suit rims + tyres, new shocks

- Otomoto coilover kit at the front

- Hopper stopper brake kit (290mm rotors, au calipers, all bolted straight up

- 15x7 convo pro's in the rear, 15x4 at the front

- Standard interior, retrimmed seats, autometer gauges



Still got a bit of work to go but it should be fun in the end....Here are some pics, enjoy!!!




















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Members dont see this ad

thats wicked man, what is the body on the car like????? it looks overrated :yes:


Good luck with it bud

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the body, well, its average, right side of car needs a new guard, and front door, rear door needs to be repaired.. Rust in right pillar, usual spot..little bit of rust on the roof and theres a spot on the left rear near the tailight where its been hit...


will be getting repaired eventually and get another coat of bamboo

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and it can carry shopping in the back...



other news..spoke to my tuner, dale from castle hill exhaust, going to run a haltech platinum sport 1000, ls1 coils.. and get the mufflers on monday to start making the exhaust and size up a fuel tank

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