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Heavy Accelerator (4Age)


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Ok took the rolla out for a spin since getting myself a daily.

Haven't done much at all except a bit of sanding.

Enough chat, I was just wondering as to what I can do to get it soft like my 4wd, cable loops around so anyone know what other cable would do, otherwise il just measure the distance and see what I can put on.

The car is a ke55

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i actually shortened my ke70 cable.


just hacked up the outer plastic casing, cut out a bit, "joined" it back together using a little peice of metal tube to join the plastic casing back together.


seems to work well.


mine does need an oil though thats for sure.

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Ok so il take it out, cut of some oil it and put here back in. I don't want to try and take it off the throttle so I've taken cable off at the accelerator pedal.


Do you reckon solder is strong enough, as I was thinking of turning a flange at work with a through hole and counterbore one end with wire hanging through and putting a clump of solder in the counterbore and heating them together.

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Over time cables just stretch and kink up internally

when installed with bends, even with oiling...


Buy a new cable, std or teflon one.

Shorten and carefully deburr end, fit cap.

Buy end stop from bike shop.

Fit and drive away?

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