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Shitbox Rally


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Got home last night and was completely }ucked.


Drove hard every day and partied every night. I'm still waiting on the other lads photos to put a full run down of everyday together. Team Flemlux took some awesome shots of the '35 on the move from the outside. Some are posted on the Team Flemlux facebook page.


As for the 35, coming into Cairns, no tail/brake lights, no indicators and the idler arm making some interesting noises.


But no breakdowns and no blowouts. One of the faster teams wouldn't believe we were running a stock 3k. Said it went too fast on the dirt.


So when I collect up all the photos, look forward to a blow by blow of the trip.


Oh, I also briefly met the famous Mr Shady.


Enjoy the teaser photos.











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On 14 April 2011, six lads followed the wheel marks of “Burke and Wills on the Shitbox Rally to Cairns. The two teams were “Team Flemlux” in a early 1980’s Toyota Hilux and “Mike and the Mechanics” in a 1970’s Toyota Corolla. Between them, the teams raised over $18,000 dollars for the Cancer Council.


The first day’s drive was from Melbourne Zoo car park to the Wentworth, NSW – Pop. 1300.


This was an all bitumen day just to stretch the legs on the cars and test for faults. The Hilux had a bend in the tail shaft which was making a hideous noise above 80km/h and the Corolla was so over loaded the rear springs had gone banana shaped.


So no cause for alarm!


he camping was pleasant, on a soft bed of grass.


Now we're no doctors, but we did offer to take a look.






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The second day’s drive was to Tibooburra, NSW – Pop. 150.


The first half was all bitumen to Broken Hill. Here the Corolla got a replacement radiator cap. From Broken Hill there were more and more dirt sections. On the bitumen in between we saw a lot of snakes and frill neck lizards.


Also it was getting hot. We arrived on dusk and camped at the local dirt race track. The town closed off the main street and the CWA put on the best food of the event.







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The third day’s drive was to Innaminka, SA – Pop. 12.


This day had some of the best driving across sand dunes and stony desert tracks. We stopped for photos and an ice cream at Camerons Corner, I took a phantom shit and then went past the gas refineries that would not have been out of place on the set of Mad Max 2.


When we got to town, we paid $2.06 a litre for petrol, went for a swim and settled down for a night for far too many in a very pleasant pub on the banks of Coopers Creek.


The Flemlux was having some exhaust problems that got worse the next day....








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The fourth day’s drive was to Windorah, QLD – Pop. 60.


This was an all dirt day taking in the open plains of western QLD and part of the Birdsville track. The roads had washouts, when taken at speed caused the passenger in the back of the Corolla to have their spine shortened. Police were despatched from Longreach to greet all drivers with a breath test and to patrol the camp all night.


The Hilux arrived without the exhaust connected. However, the local mechanic (who was blind) located a new gasket and the boys found a shed to rig up a very unique repair involving vice grips permanently mounted onto the exhaust flange.


Midnight motors got a fair work out with the 3cyl Daihatsu pronounced dead at 10:30 after driving 400ks on one cyl due to ʞ©$ɟed valves.


The camping was on a rugby field so hard it bent tent pegs and the breakfast provided consisted of sausages cooked the day before.









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The fifth day’s drive was to Winton, QLD – Pop. 980.


An easy dirt drive through the bulldust, heat and a stop at the dinosaur fossil museum. The day ended early with a trip to the local pool and camp was on a feather bed of grass at the local rugby ground.


We got phone reception. Can't say I really wanted this.


This is where we really got into the groove. Car is lasting, so we really start pushing it...HARD.


I've also now got a pick of the flemlux exhaust repair. It lasted the rest of the rally and is still hanging on now.






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The sixth day’s drive was to Undara Volcanic National Park – Resort.


The driving was mostly bitumen with a 150 kilometre 4wd section in the middle. Our confidence was high and we knew the car did not have to go much further, so we pushed hard all the way. Here the Corolla suffered. The rear lights, brake lights and indicators stopped working. Started to hear a suspicious clunk from the idler arm.


We managed to preform 2 driver changes at 80 km/h on the dirt. Too bad we couldn't take a photo.


The camping was like a blessing with a designated spot and enough showers and toilets for all.





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The seventh day’s drive was to Cairns – Pop. 150,000.


A token drive on the bitumen with a stop at the Innot Hot Springs to take away the aches and pains of the week. On arrival in Cairns, the Corolla was sold at auction where it raised another $800 for charity.


Team Flemlux elected to buy back their vehicle and drive back to Melbourne.



That is all


Thank you all at rollaclub for your support









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