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Shitbox Rally


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Myself and two mates are taking part in the shitbox rally. 7 days from Melbourne to Cairns in a KE35 via Camerons corner in april. Yes, three grown lads in a '35 from bottom to the top in a week. We NEED donations (to the cancer council) as it is a 4 grand minimum. All donations over 2 bucks are tax deductible. The car is? My old hardtop.


If you have a business and donate over 100 bucks you'll get a sticker on the beast.


Please give.


I'll post a heap of pics for shits and giggles that go with it.






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Shitbox Rally 2012

The story of three blokes, a Corolla hardtop and a very big country.

About a year back, a friend of mine, Mike, began talking about the “shitbox rally”. This is a long distance rally that raises money for cancer.

The reality was Mike just wanted to have a ball road tripping in an old car across the country. 2011’s event was Brisbane to Darwin

The name of the game is to get hold of a shitbox on a budget up to $1,000. This includes registration and roadworthiness.

If you spend a lot more than the $1,000 budget allowed i.e. you cheat, the rally will take your car from you.


When this year’s event was announced, Mike was pumped. Melbourne to Cairns via Cameron’s Corner (where SA, NSW and Qld meet) from 14th to 21st April 2012.


Mike then recruited two workmates, BJ and me. Although now working in the public service, both BJ and I are qualified mechanics with a “thing” for Toyotas.


Now we needed a car. About three years ago, Mike had given me his old KE35 Corolla hardtop. The reason it came so cheap (free) was because of the huge amounts of rust in it.


I bought a welder and started plating. I got it looking good and drove it for about a year. I then passed it on to my brother the bricklayer. He then used it as a brickies work wagon. You can imagine the results. It has also developed more rust.


My brother replaced the hardtop with TE278U's old KE38 and I inherited the hardtop. So as it’s still in my name, has been both Mike and my car and BJ has had the privilege of working on it, there could be no other car. Known by some as “Hong Kong Phooey” (Phooey for short) and by others as the Mustard Ferrari, three grown men are going Melbourne to Cairns in a Rusty KE35 two door hardtop coupe with a 3k, 4 speed and vinyl interior .




Fights have already broken out over who is sitting in the back.


We’ve rounded up some 14” lite ace rims with light truck tyres to help with the gearing and road conditions but more is needed.


We need struts and springs because it has some front bounce issues. But most importantly we need FUNDS. Remember it is for a cancer charity. For donations tax deductions apply. Also if you have a company, for a minimum $100 you can sponsor us and have your sticker on the car. Obviously we’d bring the car around and have a bit of a photo shoot at your business etc.


So there you have it. The sponsorship/donation site is http://www.everydayhero.com.au/mike_and_the_mechanics


Thanks for your help




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