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Wheel Sizing For Ae92 Corolla?


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Okay, so I'm completely and utterly uneducated about this, so I apologise for such a daft question if so.


Basically, my Rolla is running on stock wheels and I frankly hate them. But my cousin owns a Mirage with aftermarket wheels and I wasn't sure if or if not these would be able to fit an AE92 Corolla? I'm not sure about like the spacing and all that jazz of the bolts... So can someone give me the briefs?


I know that manufactuers like Holden/Ford make their spacing different to prevent fitting the same wheels. But is that the way for every manufactuer? It'd be nice to know.


Like I said, sorry for being completely foreign to all this, I just thought it'd be a lot easier if these wheels would fit it or if I still have to go out of my way to find a set.

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this is not a completely daff question - I was thinking of putting a set of 17's on a AE92

will these wheels be too big? anyone got pics of 17's on AE92 Corolla?


Also wondering what size tyres I'd have to run if the wheels are 17x7 for example ?


thanks Damo


follow this link and this is what it looks like in my opinion thay look to big to blingy regardless what style. but thats just my opinion :happy:


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hi all, Well I have an ae-93 sx seca with 17" rims on it, 7.5" wide i believe. And I have a different problem... I can't run ANY negative camber (which really sucks!!) because the rims will touch on the strutts, but the rear wheels scrub badly on the guards around every corner or over any bump, and thats with just me in the car!! My front wheels also rub on my whiteline adjustable sway bar at almost full lock :bash: can i get those adjustable strut top plates for my car to cure my camber and guard issues? also here is a link to a pic of my car as I'm computer illiterate an can't figure out how to put it up here lol http://www.rollaclub.com/board/gallery/image/8199-med-gallery-13236-765-1133344jpg/

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You really shouldn't got bigger than a 15" on an ae92. Your sacraficing a lot of drivability if you do. I had 15x6.5 with 195/50R15 on my seca, 2 inches of low and a front strut brace. Handled superbly and still does... just ask my sister.


And really, you need to look at the cost of tyres. When your running anything wider than 6.5" and bigger than 16", you need camber to clear the struts then your buying tyres every 3 months or getting defect for not buying tyres every 3 months.


Sometimes being sensible is better than having the biggest wagon wheels under your first budget run about....

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This sounds alot like what I was saying to my wife in the bob jane t-mart store before we got ours wheels lol. I want to run about 2 deg negitive camber at the front an1 or 1.5 at the rear for handeling purposes (thats my main aim.. Handeling) but untill the ft-86 is released, the ae92 is classed as my wifes car so I can't change her wheels lol. Was just wondering if there is a way around my problem with the silly big wheels on it such as the pillow ball top mounts for the struts, Yes this is far from my first budget run about, I've had about 30 corolla's over the years and have put quite a bit of money into the seca, mainly in the handeling an some tasty jdm interior parts

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15" x 7" should also clear the struts on an AE92, as long as the offset is between +20 and +36 or thereabouts. 195 wide tyres would be the opimal choice to limit munching tyre sidewall.


The lower side of that offset spectrum may need the guards rolled/lipped, but you can still run neutral (0) camber, and there will be no need for pulling/flaring the guards.

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