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4K-C Carbie Turbo


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Hey everyone,


I have owned KE70's for over 3 years now. I think it is about time I put up what I'm doing. I have gotten So much useful info off of this site and would like to give back.


Abit about me, my name is Keith. I have played with cars since I was tall enough to look over the guard to see what my old man was doing. Straight out of school I started a mechanics apprentership which I got 3 years though and lost my lisence. Typical I know but it happened and I have learnt from it. FYI I lost it in a stock KE70 haha high powered pfft! Started out as a Nissan fan boy and then I was bitten by the rota bug and still own my FC today. It was the FC the drove me to the KE70, I needed a cheap daily and I loved the body shape. I now own two beige KE70 one slant and one flat, AE93 GTi, AE92 auto, FC3S Turbo. Nissans lol


I have big plans for my car, with a 4AGTE planned down the track. For now I have decided that I miss my turbos and I'm going to put one on my 4K.


I have wanted to do this for awhile. So it's happening now!


I have done soooooo much research into the project. I have read how people have done it and what works and what doesn't.


For this project I have decided to do it as cheap as I can but still have a neat product at the end.


The goal: Blow through turbo setup on 100%stock 4K-C


As I have playing with cars for some time ow and I have a few things lying around that I though I could use. This should keep the cost down.


T25G turbo (SR20) from an old N12 EXA Turbo I used to own.

Dump pipe to suit fwd T25G setup - to be modded to suit KE70

Cat back RS AE86 2.25" exhaust (including cat, hotdog and rear muffler)

AE86 EFI fuel tank and pump

FC3S top mount intercooler


If any one has any question just ask, I know I do and always will.




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Members dont see this ad

This is the KE70 that will be getting boost



Half way through removing the rubber door trim.


It will be a stocker when finished running on AE86 springs front and rear.


I started the project a couple of days ago so I have done some small things.


For a start I have removed the carby and all the vac line that arnt needed. Took the battery out.



As you can see there is going to be no room for the battery when the turbo is in there. It will have to be moved.


No to keen on the boot atm, I'm trying to keep costs down.

I was thinking of putting the battery on a mount below the brake master cylinder. A small battery of course. The idea behind this is to keep cable lenghts as short as possible.

Another place I thought of was where the washer/ radiator over flow bottles are.


Your thoughts?


The T25G I'll be using. It ran fine on my exa and only took it off because I had a spare T2 kicking about and I didnt want to sell it with the car.

The exhaust has already been rotated to suit the KE70. The dump pipe pictured witht the turbo if for a front wheel drive. It will need modding as at the moment it turns directly towards the motor.




The rear par of the exhaust RS*R




Fuel tank from EFI AE86



Just need to swap the sender plugs over and set up the fuel pump wiring. The STD pump will do as I only need 15psi max and it is designed for EFI. I have a feeling its an uprated after market fuel pump in there atm. All the AE86 parts I have come from a rolling shell I bought. It was an ex-track car from japan. I also got LSD diff and a set of TEIN coil overs (front) to name the big ticket goodies.


I will remove and inspect/test the fuel pump just in case.


Thats all have done so far and hopefuly I can get to work on removing the stock exhaust and starting the J Pipe tomorrow.


Do you think the STD exahust would be big enough to use as a "J" pipe?

My theory is that it will provide less area for the gas the expand befor the turbo. This should keep the flow up to spool the turbo. Also it works at stock why not under boost? With the 5-10 psi of boost increase flow past the STD exhaust size?

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I am going to be doing the same thing but with abit of 2" exhaust pipe for the j pipe, plus ill have a T04e on a stock 4k so it wont see boost till late in the rev range, which doesn't phase me cause it will be good for highway driving too and keep fuel costs down a little bit haha

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How long will your J pipe be?


Because of where the turbo is going to be mounted there will be a bit of length to the J pipe. Damn space restrictions. haha A 4AC would be some much more roomier.


I want my turbo to spool asap as i don't want to rev the tits off the 4k to make power.

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Loving the plans mate.


If your going to keep the original exhaust manifold, keep an eye out for the hotbox gasket. They're known to leak and blow out when used in turbo situations.


Boosted K engines make me happy in the pants :D

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Well it will be good to see if there is much difference in proformance/ spool times between the diamiter sizes.


ha ha I have already delt with that gremlin, in my other ke70. If it happens it happens, thats future Keith's problem.


but yeah thanks for the reminder.

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Over the last few days I have donr little one the conversion. Sadly I managed to kill the head on my sisters car on the way to Upullit do do some research. So my time has gone into fixing that. Now don't and running sweet again.



I did however have a loot at the stock FC3S intercooler off of my RX7. I toock the top plate and under tray bit off.


This is what it looks like nude!





I dummied it up to the car and i think it is going to fit nicely under the head lights.


I also tested the fuel pump in the *6 tank to fink it is seized. I took it out to inspect it and this is what I came across.






As you can see it is F'd along with the sender unit. The ke70 sender is basicly the same besides the low warning probe so this will be used instead. Of course I'll need a new pump.


Cheap options?????


A shot from the pump hole... YUMMY!



I Also got a T2 flange for the turbo. So hopefully I can start on the "J" pipe tomorrow. $20 with studs from exhaust technology All I need the do it is drill and tap the stud holes.

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Done some more bits and piceses. Firstly I made up a mock up J pipe to take to the exhaust shop.




I didnt really want to mount my battery in the boot so I made at mount for it. The battery will now be located behind the drivers side head light.

I was made out of sheet mettle which I bent into shap and drilled hole in. i folded all the edges back on them selfs for strength and to remove the sharp edges. I used the original charcol canister mount hole and drilled two holes in the inner gaurd to secure the top. The plastic tray has plastic lugs, these are used to stop it slipping around. Not wanting my battery to move I drilled holes in the mount to secure it. I sill need to remount the charcol canister and also I have to sort out the battery clamp. That wont be hard.





While I had the front off I also went about fitting the intercooler. I didnt fit where I wanted so It was flipped over and Is now mounted (dummied) on the drivers side. With the front all back on it is hard to see (WIN). It will be painted black ;) along with the pannel and radiator.







So thats been my day.



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Was going to say about the battery relocation that altezzaclub did



But i guess i'm a little too late :|


Lovin the work your putting into it.


Not at all mate, It is always good to see how others have done it. Besides I may move my battery down there. I removed the A/C so now I have half an hectair down there now. haha Cheers for the link.


In other news I visited my exhaust guy and he bent up my "J" Pipe. He did a good job considering what I brought him as a template. I also spent some time cleaning up all the part ready to weld the flanges to each end.


stock manifold flange

the pice of pipe that goes to the T2 flange is from the stock exhast. center flange.







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Got out into the shed tonight and had a play. I mounted the fuse box to the side of the engine bay using the factory slip on mount that is normally on the battery clamp.





I also dummied up the turbo on the "J" pipe to work out where I want it. I wanted to keep the "J" pipe as short as posible so the lower the better.

I'm happy with the position All I need to do is rotate the intake housing.






I also modified the bottom radiator hose to move it away from the turbo.



You can see in the above pic where I plan to get water from form my turbo. The hole on the thermostat housing which used to house the blue three pronged thingo. Used for emissions.... we don't need that! so Ill be getting a brass fitting with a barbed end to fill the hole.


The blue thingo




Fitted the rear part of the exhaust. Ill remove and paint after the rest of the exhaust has been made up. But I had to see what it would look like.




Also the dessition to use my AE86 suspention and FC3S Brakes was mad tonight when for shit and Giggles I test fitted my coilovers and rear springs From the AE86.






Inside bling!






Edited to add pic of blue thingo!

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I had my J pipe welded. looks good. I now have the turbo mounted. I can now work out pipes and oil lines. I also bought myself a signal switch from jaycar. Ill use this to set up a rev limiter. I got the idea from a making a limiter out of a shift light. I didnt have a shift light so i bought the next cheapest thing. lol








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