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Kelly Wrecker Beams Rd Zillmere


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I went there the other week around half an hour before they shut, and they told me they were shutting up. Came all the way from southside for nothing.


Then I heard a car drive past beeping the horn, and when I saw them the bloke in the passenger's seat was showing them the nail on his middle finger. Good to see they're making friends...

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Talk about dicks. I walked the yard for an hour in the middle of the day, pulled my own parts, lugged my own tools. spent 30 minutes getting there and when I arrive at the counter with 2 near shagged 35 year old number plate lights they want $33, and go on to try to convince me they are a rare and sought after part, despite not even knowing which car they came from. I offered $10 as a starting point, they repeated, $33, this time a little rudely. I just dropped the shit and said, "We arent going to be doing any business" and left. What a bunch of dicks. I can buy the lights cheaper on ebay new aftermarket.

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