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Kelly Wrecker Beams Rd Zillmere


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Few pics of some of the Toyota's in there.






I pulled out some XT130 struts and hid them like a bastard if anyone wants to know where they are. ;)

There is an RT142 with a disc brake borgy too. A lot of them are pretty rough but if you're stuck they might have what you want.

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Any MA61s?


I would like some XT130 struts, but I'm poor. Anyone got any idea on what a wrecker would charge for a piar of struts?


MIght have been one or 2, wasnt paying too much attention (definitely no MA61 rims if thats what you're after). They charged me $44 each for XT130 steering arms, so I doubt they would be cheap.


Struts are hidden under the front of this truck by the fence next to the Toyota's.



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Yes I too have called them and asked, Hello, do you have any rwd toyotas on your lot?


Response: " Oh I dunno man, there might be some down there, probably not."


Plus I asked how much for something to gauge prices and they seemed expensive.


Nothing beats wacol wreckers except they struggle to find toyotas now.

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Just called them, they want $264 for the pair of complete XT130 struts with hubs, rotors, and calipers. Seems reasonable I guess but I'd rather spend that money on other stuff.

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