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Wannabe Sti Forester Becomes A Gt Forester..!


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from memory most of the subaru's had the r180 diff and the gaerboxes are renouned for being the weak link in the driveline

I seem to be finding a lot of the early wrxs with r160's and early STI to have r180's(pre 2000).

The datto boys go crazy for the r180's as r200's are getting more than twice the price.

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Team Subaru world camping team!!!haha. They both need to be 555 blue.


Pretty sure they'd be a bolt in operation. You can tell the difference between r160 and r180 by the bolt spacing on the rear cover plate. But not sure if its the bottom or top 2.

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hey guys, can anyone confirm this:

i went to a mate at MTQ(local turbo place) and he said i may be very lucky.

that the ECU from the 03/99 WRX may bolt right into my 12/98 forester's harness, making this all nearly a bolt in deal?

if so, holyfckingawesome..!



so today, i was stripping the Impreza to prepare it for the sale of parts and the engine transfer.

when i had a good look at the dash and console.

i thought my forester is plain grey, wouldnt it be cool it the black parts out of the Impreza fit?

so, i thought i'd try

and wow it fit..!

went from this:




to this:



note the front of the console that sits under the dash is approx 1/2" shorter...

oh well, may build it up or something, but its 100% better than it was


now, i reckon i can fit the individual dash gauge pieces from the impreza into the forester cluster.

ran out of light to try.

anyone confirm if its doable?

will give it a go tomorrow


also start transferring the 4pot Impreza brakes over in the next day or so, too



now, lastly, i was in no rush to get the turbo engine transplanted, but Dave rocked over to have a look, and talked me into starting the Impreza.

battery was flat, needed a charge, etc.

then got her started, warmed her up and gave it a bit of a rev.

and now, i can't htfu enough...!

will be looking into that as soon as possible, after the brakes are done

also looking if the black carpet from the WRX will fit, tomorrow, tho i'm thinking i might be pushing my luck, lol


thanks for your time

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If you keep this up, you'll be having to get James back in to clean out the interior.


The centre console, where the wireless and heater/fan controls are located (the "pod" part), is that a separate part ? If it is and the Impreza is similar you might be able to use the Impreza part to fill in the gap.

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thanks guys..!

and will check Trev.! didnt notice that.!


today after work, I ripped the WRX brakes, and rear swaybar out, swapped it all to the Forester

comparison pics:


the forester ones needed replacing anyway.

looks like rears are same diameter, but are thicker, and slotted or vented, W/E its called




all fitted..!

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