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[Sa] Summer Cruise


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So i've been dailying the ke25 as of late, but it seems that I'm the only one out and about in an old Rolla.


Adelaide old Rolla scene has pretty much died but still know fair few of you guys still around.


So let's get a Meet and Greet on and go for a weekend drive! Be a good chance to catch up with mates, talk cars, chase up parts from fellow Rolla heads.


I'm thinking long weekend Saturday 26th or 27th of Jan.


Let us know what suits you, already got two ke25s and two ke20s keen for a drive.

Be good to see some ke10s and ke3#/ke55s rock up.


I'm thinking cruise through the beaches or a nice slow paced cruise through the hills.


Let us know if you have any suggestions for meet spot and cruise route. This will be a day cruise meet around middayy.


Just for the record hooning and burnouts will not be tolerated I will get ur number plate and report you to the police.


And lastly if you have a car that is full of rust or is clearly a defect waiting to happen, attend at your own risk. This is just a small meet up but if a cop spots you in your delectable car I will not be held responsible in anyway.

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possible meet spots if doing beaches:


K mart car park Anzac highway

Coles car park Glenelg

santos stadium car park

big w carpark cumberland park


or if we want we can go for a nice SLOW paced cruise up Gorge rd and up to Birdwood and back


or I'm down for a Victa cruise like we had few years ago....

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