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Rc Members Shirts

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Members dont see this ad

so got the test batch done will post a pic soon and got some more on order and hoping to have a few ready for all jap day but will update that closer to the event its got both sides printed with the logo on the front and the website on the back they look awsome still atm only doing the local brisbane will be doing interstate once i have some time to organise postage costs and stuff.


People that want to order shirts i will be doing bulk orders of 5 at a time and will be doing a direct bank deposit of which once money is cleared of the 5 people then the order will be placed then there is about a week or so to be printed and delivered to me then i will distribute them to members.


I will be looking to set up 2 meeting spots for members that are to far north of the Brisbane CBD and to far south of CBD to delivery to your door unless we meet at down-shift meets or events like that

one will be set around browns plains area for south side and around the New market / harry s dinner area of coarse the delivery will be done on the Saturday or Sunday preferably on the same day lol


I do advise members to be patient as it is my first time doing something like this and hope you all appreciate me for trying this new venture.


I will be looking into the User names on the back of them it will cost a few dollars more and again will be a bulk order system


Price as they are will be $20 each


thank you for your time best to PM me with name size and phone number and will go from there

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Ooh me likey good work Chris. Got some cool ideas for the polos so will have to share with you on ajd


yea mate not a problem i reckon that the polos when created will be a limited edition as they are going to be a lot more expensive so will definitly get that idea underway

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hey guys i just got in touch with my printer that i had ordered another batch of shirts from and was hoping to have them from him today and well he hasnt been able to finish them off so they will arrive next week so at AJD tomorrow i will bring a list and write peoples details down that want a shirt and try and deliver them next weekend


dougy i only have one left in a large from the test batch let me know if your keen


gav i have ordered a few XXL's and hopefully next weekend i can deliver it to you

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