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Ke70 Ipra 7Agte 20V

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Hi there,


My names Grant and this is my project so far.


-1982 ke70


Engine specs.

-7afe bottom end with spool rods, cp pistons, arp studs/bolts throughout.

-Custom ladder caps for mains, modded sump to clear studs/caps.

-4age 20v silvertop head with super tech valves.

-Mrp timing gear with 4age 16v belt and 20v oil pump and tensioner (ported etc.

-Custom plenum that replaces quad throttles, 3sgte throttle body.

-Cometic head gasket.

-Techno toy rwd 20v water/radiator setup.

-Sq engineering coil plate/ machined 1nz coils.

-Kelway turbo manifold, ipra spec gt series garrett.




Suspension so far.

-xt 130 struts modded to coil over.

-Agx inserts/rear shocks.

-Adjustable sway bars front and rear.



-W55 gearbox with niteparts bell housing.

-Mrp twin plate clutch/flywheel setup

-R31 skyline diff with mounts changed over, mini spool and diff cover brace.



-R33 gts-t front calipers/discs on machined xt130 front hubs.

-R31 rear caliper/discs.


I'll update more photos when I can, hoping to have it running in the next year or so.



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Thanks mate I appreciate the feed back.


As for the diff cover basically it stops the centre bearing caps from flexing under load, I've machined the caps so that they have a flat on them, after that there are little pedestals ( like the threaded feet you would find on a G clamp that apply downward force on them) its just a aftermarket mod. It just replaces the factory pressed steel diff cover.


Cheers Grant.post-14849-0-84158400-1378368550_thumb.jpg

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Bought a SM2 autronic, cage is done, engines in and just fitting up all the accessories. It's no show car but I'm happy with the way it's coming together. Also panelling in the radiator/intercooler.

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Very nice.


Doesn't need to be a show car to be a race car!


I'm enjoying the color coded wiper motor.

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