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Ben's 4A-Ge Ae71


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Bank account copping an absolute flogging after a midnight decision to get started upgrading.


Coilover sleeves - Owned

KYB AGX Shocks - Ordered

5KG otomoto springs - Ordered

KYB Excel G Commo shocks - Ordered

Celica King Springs for rear - Ordered

AJPS RCAs - Ordered


I'm still snooping around for some top hats and camber tops and XT130 LCAs. And some KU31's will be on the front with relatively decent tyres for the back. Grip grip grip grip grip grip.



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I have ordered all the parts I need to convert the front to coil-overs and put something decent in the rear. Summit racing in the states have been really slow in the shipping process for my KYB AGX's and are apparently getting them posted tomorrow. I have almost everything else though!


Finally got to work. Filler and paint, put in a couple of days trying to get the best result possible. It's red again!







My home booth


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Nice repair. The paint on this car looks tops.

Thanks mate! It was my first decent sized body job. The paint is nice from far and far from nice :D

So nice. I wish mine was nice, but then I couldnt do all the ridiculous mods that I do.

The pictures are definitely doing it justice but that's exactly right - imperfection can be more fun if you don't mind it!

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Coilover sleeves - Owned


KYB AGX Shocks - Ordered Summit Racing to ages to process my order and sent them out a full week after payment, a little grumpy as people have had parts from them a land in Aus a 7 days out from payment. I just want my coils in!


5KG otomoto springs - ARRIVED

KYB Excel G Commo shocks - ARRIVED

Celica King Springs for rear - ARRIVED


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They arrived! Struts are being cut and welded by Fab 81 in Labrador, some of their work is incredible and the guy I spoke to was friendly and didn't mind me asking question to learn about crap. I'll throw the coil overs in on Thursday - so I am booking in for new rubber and wheel alignment on Friday.



I commemorated by throwing in the rear gear - I'm not entirely happy with the way that the springs sit in there (Doesn't centre perfectly at the top because of a slightly larger diameter), I might look in to using other rubbers. I took it for a drive and it already feels incredible compared to choppies and old shocks, and I haven't even touched the fronts. My exhaust no longer fouls on my diff and it can actually go over a bump without killing itself.


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Picking up a AJPS front lip on Friday - I'll paint it with colour matched paint, excited to see how it will look with a little fibreglass work. If it'll be a stupid amount of fab work, I'll stash it for a rainy day.

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