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Ben's 4A-Ge Ae71


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Appreciate it Stu - it's tough when I don't even know when I'm going to make it to the shed! If I need a hand I'll definitely let you know though - legend!
I've got wiring left to do so that's a bit daunting. 

Do you get out to any events etc? If not we should grab a beer or something! Yet to really get amongst the Corolla community since moving to Melbourne aside from picking up parts here and there. 

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All booked in with the engine builder for June. Went with a guy that seems to love corollas and has built some pretty cool 4ages in the past. Aiming to have the sucker around Sandown in August.

Been doing all the little things while I've had the car gutted. Everything is so clean, I think I've gone through about 2 boxes of degreaser cleaning everything up. I wish I had a little more room for a parts washer!



Picked up my Haltech a couple of weeks ago and my camshafts and shim kit arrived from TODA about a month ago. Other than that I've just been going through and organising the little bits and pieces so I can finish everything off when I get the engine back.

Found a pretty big crack in my headers when I was cleaning them up for paint, it's in a bit of a prick of a spot but the future father in-law is a engineering wizard so he should be right to fix em if I stay in his good books for long enough.



I'm trying to source a 20v BT flywheel as I'll be needing a new clutch kit regardless and I was using the stock bigport 200mm flywheel. I nearly pulled the trigger on a TODA flywheel as well - if I can't find a blacktop flywheel I might just bite the bullet. Figured I'll upgrade it now while it's easy.

Finding anything on this was an absolute prick with a whole lot of misinformation so if for whatever reason someone has popped on to a forum instead of Facebook:

4AGE 16v bigport flywheel upgrade

The stock 4AGE has a 200mm flywheel but the 200 and 212mm flywheels are completely interchangeable. The 225mm (4AGZE etc) flywheels will not fit.

The lightest of the flywheels is the 20v blacktop flywheel (212mm) and is a bolt on upgrade - obviously just needs a suitable 212mm clutch kit to be operable. This is a decent upgrade that is far cheaper than an aftermarket kit if you can find one. Having a larger clutch disc is also an added bonus.

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I'll start off this post with this boring and dirty picture of the Corolla.
It's been a very long time since the bonnet has been on, so a pretty good moment tonight.

I got the engine back from the engine builder and got pretty excited to so slapped it back in the car and test fit all of my sweet new gear.


Turns out that he missed putting a oil drain in the bigport head to match to the smallport 7 rib block that I'm using. These heads are pretty notorious for storing way too much oil and starving the block of oil. So everything had to be undone and pulled back out for this drain.


Once back in I started plumbing everything. I'm getting rid of the cold start gear for use of the old right foot for a few minutes instead - so I can neaten this mess up. For example of out with the old and in with the new:




This picture was the first time it got pushed out of the driveway for a few months



The new vacuum manifold block will be here this week as I broke the last one, lol. So will be able to get that sorted and then fit my intake and fuel rail again! Soon!

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Just take your time bud, it will be worth it.  I wished I took more care when I built my first ae71.  It was sick but it could have been better sorted.  Nothing worse than progressively doing over stuff you could have nailed first time around.

There's plenty of wiring gurus on rollaclub, I'm sure if you ask people will answer.

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Hi Ben,

             Yes, rewiring is a slow & painful job, but is very rewarding, as no other operation, provides more reliability to your overall car's electric systems.

Consider, revamping the wiring all together, as described in my thread from some time ago.


You will finish up with a very clean neat engine bay, & a much more reliable & voltage drop free system.

Unfortunately,  I'm in Brissy, & you are in Vic., or I'd offer to give you a hand.

It looks complicated, first up, but if you attack it, & treat one circuit at a time, it is quite simple to follow.  Only additional outlay, is multi-fuse blocks & 12V auto relays, which are cheap on ebay.

Any questions, please give us a yell.

Cheers Banjo


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