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Ben's 4A-Ge Ae71


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Spent all money making car handle like weapon


Gearbox blew today


EDIT - I babied it home after it got crap and took it around the block slowly to diagnose - I think it's actually the diff chewing a tooth and sending the car jolting forward as I come off load and I can still select all gear easily. The diff whine has picked up so I imagine that the problem.


If anyone has a borg diff lying around - holla at me. Prefer the KE auto!


New diff sourced, should have it in the coming days. I'll service it and stuff before I put it in, hopefully should be going this weekend. Looks like it's time to learn how Diffs work!

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New diff getting picked up ready to go in on the weekend - I've been incredibly moody with it lately. I was so content with the panelvan driving slow and not breaking shit!


So I get mad - then I just go and look at it for a little while...



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Back from Melbourne - got stuck in to it today.


Old diff is out, it was absolutely screwed, pulled out chucks a few mm in diameter -



Inspected the old diff and resealed the front cap, have it fitted in, everything just needs to be connected. I was delighted to find this though.



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Got busy today, diff is in, serviced and seemingly running smoothly.


I had a crack at assembling the rear brakes to no avail, so I gave up and I'll give it another go tomorrow. My brother pulled them out so I didn't get the chance to see how everything came out. I'll study up on my manual tomorrow morning.


What bolts need to be torqued to correct specifications? Driveshaft? Panhard rod? Sway bar? Or is it all good if it's snug?


I also have to remove the front wheel arch guard things as the bolt scrape my tyres a little, the front guards might also need a little lipping.

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Putting the brake shoes back in is the worst, you'll need some good pliers to hold the springs. And make sure the adjuster rod thingy is screwed in all the way before you start.

There's already been many swears and zero progress

Panhard to diff is 78NM, all the other link bolts are 102NM. D'shaft are only 8mm diam bolts so about 20ft-lb. Don't forget to only do the suspension arm bolts up tight with the weight of the car on them.






Absolute legend!

Reading through, that write up is terrific - I'll get hard in to it tomorrow.

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