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Help Needed - Toyota 1000 Pickup.


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I have a Toyota Kp36 PickUp Truck wich I am really proud about http://imgur.com/a/3rRfs#0 :)


The power I get is very low and I want to do an engine conversion but I don't know what engine will fit without any chassis conversion.


The other thing is that because I live in a small country (Cyprus) not many option are available regarding the engines availability. So I was thinking about installing a Weber kit I found online but I don't know if I will need any other changes on the 2K engine, http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/330762578476?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649


If you can give all the options available I would really appreciate it.

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Did Cyprus get the townace/liteace? or carina?


They'll be your best bets fo sourcing a 5k/7k (7k might require sump alterations to fit)


We got both townace and liteace. Do those engines fit my KP36?

Which manufacturing year should I search?

Thanks ....

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Ooh so many choices. Easiest (i.e. closest thing to a bolt-in swap) would be a 5K or a 7K.


From there, the sky and your budget are truly the limit!


Will I be able to install the Weber kit I found online without any in-depth engine modifications on my 2K?

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Weber and manifold combination ought to be interchangeable with whatever K series engine you end up using. But I've never seen a 2K so I don't know if it has any extra water inlets/outlets to the manifold that later engines don't have but I'm sure it could be blocked off. Sometimes manifold flange thicknesses don't match but easily fixed. Not major modifications.


The Liteace 5K was 1.5 litre models from the mid-late 80's onward. The Townace 7K was 1.8 litre models from around 1997 onward.

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