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  1. I noticed that there are a lot of Rear Louvres sold in Australia's Gumtree site and was wandering if any other car has the same dimensions as a KE70 that will fit right on without any modifications. Any help is welcome.
  2. Can I have a photo of the twin su's and manifold please.
  3. Ok guys, I know it's useless for some of us, but I was just going through old posts and noticed that some numbers are controversial between us. After checking my Toyota K Repair Manual I need some final factory recommended numbers missing: 1. WATER TEMPERATURE 2. WATER PRESSURE 3. WATER THERMOSTAT OPENING TEMPERATURE 4. OIL TEMPERATURE 5. OIL PRESSURE 6. FUEL PRESSURE 7. FUEL OCTANE
  4. Thank you altezzaclub for the file . This will be very helpful finishing the wife's KE70 project. I wont be needing the USA market one because I'm in Europe. I will need though the KP30 or KP36 one because I am rewiring mine and I will be doing it factory style.
  5. Been searching the web and can't find anything. Any help is welcomed.
  6. *UPDATE* Got most of the parts from car.gr Bumper will be chrome plated. Fingers crossed.
  7. Ebay.com wouldbe yourbest chance. Or you can try car.gr but you have to be ready to pay postage from Greece.
  8. I am located in Cyprus. If you want we can do the transaction through Paypal.
  9. My Baby got wrecked and need some parts. I need: Front chrome bumper Grill Upper trim on the bonnet Lower trim under the grill Left headlamp housing Left fender
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/264644466434 $170.00 This steering wheel was removed from a 1980s KP36 Part Number:45100-10062 It fits the years 04/1969-07/1988 TOYOTA 1000 KP3* It is in good used/working condition. Will Post GLOBALLY FOR FREE/TRACKING NUMBER PROVIDED
  11. $230. A very RARE part for all Toyota K Series, 2K 3K 4K 5K KE KP Corolla Bought it used a decade ago for a project car. Never got the chance to be installed. Great working condition. Now up for sale. Will Ship Globally for FREE. https://www.ebay.com/itm/264580662788
  12. Try this site.https://www.willtheyfit.com/ Pretty sure they will fit.
  13. ***FIXED UPDATE*** I have to say that I finally found and fixed the issue. The mains where too small making the engine running lean. What I used : primary main jet = 125, aircorrector = 180, emulsion tube = F50, idle jet = 55 secondary main = 130, aircorrector = 195, emulsion tube = F6, idle jet = 50 What should be used in a stock 4K engine with a Weber DGV 32/36 primary main jet = 140, aircorrector = 180, emulsion tube = F50, idle jet = 55 secondary main = 135, aircorrector = 195, emulsion tube = F6(under no circumstances do not use F66), idle jet = 50 Works like a charm. Many thanks to altezzaclub and davew7 These two sources also helped a lot: https://ratsun.net/topic/2125-weber-carb-hesitation/ http://www.3fowlers.com/Weber Trouble Shooting Guide.pdf
  14. Hello from Cyprus. Ok guys I really need your help re-jetting my Weber 32/36. I' ve searched the entire internet and can't seem to find a straight answer. I have a stock 4K engine on a KP36 Ute. Bought the engine brand new from an old part store, doesn't even have serial numbers on it :) These are the following installed so far: Stock 4k motor Weber 32/36 manual choke 4 X NGK BPR5EY Spark Plugs AccuSpark Electronic Ignition AccuSpark 12V Red Coil Custom Extractors 4K Heavy Duty Water Pump 71 Degrees Celsius Low Temp Stainless Racing Thermostat Racing Mechanical Fuel Pump I recently followed the advice from an old post in another site and tried re-jetting it with the following: primary main jet = 125, aircorrector = 180, emulsion tube = F50, idle jet = 55 secondary main = 130, aircorrector = 195, emulsion tube = F6, idle jet = 50 The car drives like SHIT. This is my everyday car. I start it up at 5am and needs 10min to warm up. I pull the choke and it shuts off. As soon as I start driving it just hesitates. It's driving me mad. I even bought an electronic distributor and brand new coil and sparks. What are the best Jet Sizes I can use? You are my last hope.
  15. Hey guys, I was just wandering if anyone has a solution for the cheap made rear tail lights for the KE70. I bought a few months back a pair from ebay and now the colors have faded out. https://www.ebay.com/itm/TOYOTA-COROLLA-KE70-E70-TE72-1979-80-81-REAR-TAIL-LIGHTS-LAMP/132739016963?hash=item1ee7dca903:g:cRQAAOSw8GtZWPeW:rk:13:pf:0 https://www.ebay.com/itm/PAIR-TOYOTA-COROLLA-E70-KE70-TE71-REAR-TAIL-LIGHT-HOUSING-LAMPS-RH-LH-1980-1981/123009582810?hash=item1ca3f146da:g:S6AAAOSwSB1aoXXo:rk:23:pf:0&LH_ItemCondition=3 Is there a way I keep the bright original color?
  16. Hey Tim, try these out. Don't know the exact size but hope it helps. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4STAINLESS-STEEL-BOLTS-SCREWS-CHROME-BUMPER-FITFOR-COROLLA-KE70-TE71-TE72/150941809301?hash=item2324d53a95:g:DzoAAOSwcwhVMPU~:rk:11:pf:0 https://www.ebay.com/itm/371355132305 Cheers
  17. I am not familiar with how many diffs there are out there, if I were to buy this one which seems to be the only one available, would it fit? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-corolla-AE86-t18-4age-m-t-T-series-diff-gears-3-7-ratio/263714728652
  18. No. The factory tire settings were 165/65/12. The ones I have are 175/70/13 with extra 8 mm spacers in order for the front tires to not touch the shock absorbers. At the rear when I get some extra weight in, the tires escape the wheel arches just a few millimeters. So taller tires are not an option.
  19. I have a 1985 KP36. I've made a lot of mods on it mainly on the mechanical part. 1. Changed the stock 2K for a 4K motor (Brand new cylinder block) 2. Put a Weber DGV 32/36 3. Switched the T40 gearbox with a T50. 4. Put new Headers and new Radiator with a low temp racing thermostat. All these are great. The problem I have is on the freeway. My Differential is a stock KP36 (picture attached) one with a ratio of 43:10 (4.3) so travelling long distance is a pain and hard to reach top speeds. I need to get me a 3.9 ratio differential in so I will be able to cruise at 100-130 KMH with the engine at low RPMs. Is there a way I can only switch my Final Diff Gears without removing my entire rear axle? Any suggestions ???
  20. Would it be better putting 2 32/36 DGV? Bare in mind the engine has not been modified.
  21. Recently purchased a twin downdraft manifold from a KP31. I am now considering putting 2 Webers 36 DCNF on it. Will that be a proper thing to do or should I consider 2 32/36 DGV's FYI: The engine is a 4K from a KE70 with a K50 gearbox, all these replaced my stock 2K engine on my Publica KP36. Any suggestions?
  22. Just install a brand new weber 32/36 on my 4k engine on a kp36 pickup truck. Waaayyy too much white smoke coming out from the exhaust. Any help?
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