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Ke36 3K Wagon Project


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o.k. here I am, relatively new to the forum, first post.


I was working for a vehicle restoration company early last year when I got offered this KE36 for sale, at the time I was 16 and although I was interested garage space at home was lacking, I joined this forumn however in the hope that one day the car would become mine and I could get some ideas, so here I am, year and a half later, about to get my p plates when I get a phone call asking me if I am still interested or she was going to the wreckers, well I couldn't let that happen could I??


$200 + $70 for a tow home and the car was in my possesion!


I will try to post regularly as I move on, however garage space is tiny and I am still at school (year 12... Eeek, so time is an issue.



post-18586-0-53941200-1399458813_thumb.jpg Rear Shot?

post-18586-0-85213700-1399458840_thumb.jpg Interior, Magna/Commodore Seats?

post-18586-0-56677300-1399458864_thumb.png Roof Racks

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