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1974 Mark 2 Corona Mx10


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G'day all, this is my latest project (car on the waiting list..)


After wanting the car for about 4 months but not being able to afford it, the previous owner asked me if i had a commodore v6 engine for a conversion he's doing, ended up swapping a vt v6 wagon for the corona!


its a little bit rough, but very good in the rust department, seems to only have a tiny bit on one of the rear wheel arches, has a few dents and some of the interior is a bit torn up, but still in pretty good condition for its age,


i never used to like these mk2's much, but done right they can look really good :) and i now love the shape....


anyways here are some pics.


stole the wheels off the green corona for pics haha



he's dropping off the original door next week, just needs the window changing..




only real rust on the whole car :D












Gave it a real quick buff today, looks allot better, its a bit cloudy looking but not too bad, paint was already worn through in a few spots so couldn't go too nuts on it.. also the bonnet and roof looks funky because its wet..


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Looks cool mate, these thingsa re often really rough, this ones not too bad.

Yeah its not too bad, and i got the vt wagon i swapped it with for free, well for putting an engine in someones car..

Just don't do this to it.



My eyes are bleeding haha

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Here's some pics of it buffed, got bored and put some stripes on it with tape to see what it looks like, think it kinda suits it..


obviously the stripes would go further up but i ran out haha









looks a bit better in the pics but still looks pretty good over all in person :)

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Love the stripes. I've always wanted to put GT stripes on my RT80 :P


Haven't logged onto rolla club for weeks since the corona facebook page started, so I've only just seen this thread and now I want one!!!

I've always liked the mk2s, but never seen one for sale cheap in SA.


What are the plans for this one?

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yeah i'm the same, the plan is to tidy it up a bit for now, and club reg it for cheapness, cruise around for a while, then when i get sick of it give it a coat of paint and maybe a few mods, then cruise again haha

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haven't had allot of spare time, but played with this a bit today, chucked some lowered springs in the rear and the old shocks out of my vt racecar, and widened one of the rear wheels, looks tuff i think :P, just gotta do the same to the front now :)











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