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My First E Chassis


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Hey guys,


So yesterday after 4 years of waiting, ive finally got a corolla in my name :) Its an 84 ae71 with a 3ac (put in by previous owner) and t50. It needs a few things for a roady and there is some rust and bog (obviously).


Just a few questions:


In Vic how was your experience with rust testing for rwc? Ill get pics later of it


Also if anyone is wrecking a xE7x in melbourne that would be awesome, please send a pm


Theres big plans for it. But I'm thinking realistically atm and going to uni means i got nothing coming in ahaha


Before all else I'm getting some "JDM" stickers off....haha




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Good one buddy. Being young and at uni/on P plates, you'd be best to just enjoy the simplicity and ease of maintenance until you get onto your opens and have some more money coming in, its a joy to drive a rolla even stock. You've got plenty of time to save and repair/modify or style the car to your hearts content. Welcome to rollaclub. Feel free to be individual with it, no need to be one of the JDM sheep and follow whatever shit trends that other people do. Make it an expression of yourself, not an expression of conformity. :kiwi: :clover:

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Cheers guys for the comments :)


Yeah its staying stock for a while, wanna learn the car itself, was a good 100+ k's back to mime and apart from no brake fluid for 5 or so km, no dramas!


i took off the jdm sticker because i hate how misinterpreted it is here. Like the whole wakaba leaf on the back/ tsurikawa thing is completely misalligned with its true meaning in japan or how its expressed within their culture haha


I wont be following the quad light route, I'm thinking more flat with clear covers ;) but thats for later.


Wiped the brake dust off the wheels and tidied the engine bay a tad. Love the bosch ignition coil hahapost-22128-0-33155200-1423387301_thumb.jpg


Also yes, I'm thinking of cut and shut with a donor chassis, ill be replacing the windscreen too

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If I were you id fix all the rust properly. I did some dodgy fixes on my old ke70 but the rust came back in a year or two after I painted it.




A year is about all you will get from a dodgy rust repair from what I've seen.

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F**k yeah hahah of course, anyone with these great little cars can be my friend!


Got any plans for it mate?


I'm working 43 hour weeks for this car now haha, wanna get some funds into it and get it up to scratch fir renewed reg, keen to drive it again :)


Edit: i don't dislike the idea of "jdm" cars, but this sticker had to go hahapost-22128-0-24222400-1423632971_thumb.jpg

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Only if you got the jdm as fck sticker, gotta be jdm yo ;)


Hahah i have some bad news, i sense a strong feeling this car once in its life was stolen but not reported sometime in its 30 year life, the ignition barrel pops out and the drivers side door can be opened using a variety of blank keys, as i found it when i thought id lost my " original" key today hahaha


However, the passenger door and boot can only be opened using one key, but those locks are useless in a theft.


I was wondering, is there any cheap places where i can get key cut and change locks without looking suss? I paid all the money i earned during this break and id hate to see oneday this car driving off without me in it :/ changing locks/making a little more theft resistant is the first thing i intend on doing before all else

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Probably just typical corolla key wear. Most old corollas can be opened and started with a popsicle stick. New door locks can be bought on eBay. There are also Solex locks available but in reality there's no real way to stop corolla theft, they just aren't that hard to break into. Best bet would be a hidden switch to immobilise the ignition and one of those steering wheel locks.

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Cheers for the quick reply :)


Hahah thats what i first thought, but turning the car off i get the key with he ignition barrel haha


I'm going to look into securing the ignition barrel in the next few days to see if theres anything to do about it, its just another thing to worry about hahah

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Haha sick

My plans are same as you pretty much, roadworthy first then make it fun. then slowly put performance parts on it before swapping to a cleaner chassis for an engine swap build.

but I'm poor as f*ck.

My lock tumblers are also shagged-can't lock it with the key, can't open passenger side with the key either. I didn't even check if it was stolen or anything before i bought it so I've also been worried...

I don't really understand why anyone would even try to get through the locks, these are easy as ʞ©$ɟ to break into with a coathanger and thirty seconds of jimmying. I locked my only key in the boot already hahah

I just see that as an excuse for a quick release

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Haha I'm hoping to do oneday a 3sge beams blacktop swap, full rotisserie respray, seam welded chassis , or if I'm lucky, a little sacrilege with some VTEC ;) but I'm still learning first, and I'm slowly getting more experience. Itll be a long term project going long into (and maybe past) my uni course haha


Do a check man! Ill find a link but its only 4 bucks for peace or mind. My tags are clean so I'm happy haha


Haha i want a quick release with a momo prototipo on it ;) oneday when i get a solid payday

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Its been a while, but being at uni 5days a week leave little time for my corolla. :( however i did end up buying my dream wheels the other day:




Ssr starsharks, 14x6 slightly positive offset. Two are in great nick but two need to be polished up and one has a slight buckle, ill amend this when they are rebarelled.




Progress on this will be slow but definetely moving. Its a long term thing haha


Edit: don't mind the middle finger, directed at a friend on my phone who thought i was full of it haha

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