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Ke70 Grandma Auto


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All good, always great to spread the knowledge. Didn't know that myself actually, but I did use the red rubber grease as I have them all available at my workshop :)


Hopefully I'm going to be working on the car tomorrow if all goes well at work.

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Haven't worked on the car lately, have been busy with Christmas. Have planned on buying a welder in the new year and fixing the rust myself to be able to learn another skill and have fun doing even more of the work myself.


Should have some content in this thread next year

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Getting a few over heating issues at the current point in time. Replaced the thermostat with no luck. Next I am flushing the system by taking out the thermostat and putting a fire hose down the neck into the block. This is to hopefully pick up the gunk on the bottom of the radiator and flush it through the top.

Fingers crossed it works will update over the weekend.

3 weeks till Matsuri :P

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Theres a product called muckowt at repco that you can descale the cooling system with. Put it in your water, run it a while till its hot, then let it cool and dump and flush. I must have stood there for an hour with one car I had, motor running, hose in the radiator and the block drain open while I poked around above the block drain to pick out chunks of scale and unblock it.


No bubbles in the radiator? Bad HG can cause overheating issues too. Or it could be lean running which adds heat.

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