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Steering Arms


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What effects will it be on my ke35 to put this ta62 steering arm to my newly fitted struts (ta62) upgrade? I have to use them to the ta62's struts. But they are longer than the KE steering arms. Approximately 20 mm longer. Will I notice any surprises?


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Great replies! Yes the bolt pattern is different. Because of my english skills I'm not sure what you mean by "less lock". I thought it was that the steering wheels anti theft lock would have more play, but when Altezzaclub is talking about Steve who just kept spinning because of it, then I got lost... :-P

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And we mean steering lock, as in how far the wheels rotate to steer before they hit full lock, its like having two circles one larger than the other and with a shared centrepoint. A trip of 5cm total distance (steering rack movement) around the circumference of the small circle, will give more rotational displacement than the same 5cm movement does on the larger circle. Hence more lock from the shorter radius arms.

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