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Ke70 Engine Swap?!

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hey guys & gals, I was wondering how and what would be the best way to drop an sr20de or det into a ke70 and what the prices for what is needed to make the engine bay ready. (Also what are the prices and best place to find one in South Austraila)


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The motor is common, all the SSS pulsars have them, but the RWD gearbox setup means finding one from the 200SX style cars. They're getting pretty old and worn-out now, the last one was made 15years ago.


We have a SSS as a run-about and I think about it now and then, the torque is great and the power delivery smooth, but the 4AGE I dropped into one of the KE70s was a simpler process.


The Mazda MX5 drive-train is newer and probably just as easy (or difficult) to fit. Other than that its difficult to find modern light-weight RWD set-ups.

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Buy the kit from that ke conversions guy, i think its about 500.


Sr20det and gearbox, not kuch change from 3000 these days.


Custom intercooler piping and exhaust, 1500guess


Fuel system - 500


Custom tailshaft - 400


Diff to handle the power and an lsd modified to suit your car - 2000 guess


Wiring - free if you can diy, 1000 if you can't


Front brake uograde to handle the power - 1500


Suspension to handle the power - 2000


All the small shit that comes up - 2000


Modification plates and or engineering - 500 to 1000


Racing seat so you can hang on to it - 500


Wheels and tyrea to handle the power - 2000


Obviously this is worst case scenario, and you may pick up bargains. But in my oppinion to do an sr20det ke70 properly its at least $10,000. Getting the engine in and running is like 1/4 of creating a good package. A ke70 with 200hp and shit susoension and brakes is going to be terrible.


Keep in mind that a complete running sr20det s13 with mods, good brakes and irs is like 8k 5yhese days.



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