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2017 cruise ideas.


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I'm so down to cruise.


Can people do Sunday the 13th of August?


Thinking of a Daguilar Highway cruise and then a shot up to Jimna and back, followed by a late lunch somewhere.

We could meet at the carseldine Caltex for Brissy people, Rendezvous at the daguilar turnoff somewhere with the Sunshine coast members, then roll inland together and up to the hills?

Any ideas of places to visit or additions to the route?


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Lock me in in eddy. Hopefully a german ke70 is welcome ;)

See if i can get my mate to come in his clubman. 

Do you remember that cruise yrs ago which must have been a record for attendance, We even had teddy and medicine man! and was it dougy? spun out on the dirt. Damn that was a good day, must be 8yrs ago now. 

I had the 4k with the 3k carby that was flat out getting up the hills, flat foot in 2nd and still losing revs, with medicine man behind me with his 4k and twin carbies ready to grab 3rd. 


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Yeah that was a hell of a day.  So many memories. Like the time we were pulled up at the servo and the Montville trailer dwellers drove by and yelled out, go the dattos!  Epic lols.  It was Xany that spun grover on the dirt and ended up facing the other way.  Also was cool when we were stopped and had the ford GT club roll by on their cruise too.

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