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2017 cruise ideas.


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Hello.  I'm itching for a cruise with some other Corollas, or Corolla loving people in whatever cool car you have to bring.  I was thinking about a run to Jimna from Brisbane and back in a sort of loop, with the point being to do the drive from Kilcoy to Jimna or a bit after there, which is simply superb road up through the forest and over the ridge.  There's also forestry roads all around for those so inclined towards gravel.  Could do lunch in Woodford for a meet and greet if sunny coast people want to join the drive?

So maybe up the highway and then inland to Kilcoy Murgon Road, take it North for a bit then home inside the lakes and over Nebo?  If we get some numbers Ill mark a route and we can work out details in a squirrel thread perhaps.  Wondering if this will even get replies these days.  I haven't organised a cruise for 7 years or so.




Sunset from Kilcoy Murgon Road.  I highly advise google street view if available of the road.


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