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Standard Wagon Diff Centre Replacement

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Hey guys, 

New to the forum so just a lil info about me; have a 1983 KE70 wagon, standard 4k with a 5spd k50 box. Diffs been welded since before I got the car

and whilst the welds have lasted well over a year, they recently decided to break on me! Now I'm in the market for a new diff centre. Now I'm not going to lie

I don't know a lot about ke70s, and I'm really not sure what diff I have or what diff will fit. I just want another centre that will slot straight in. From opening up

the back cover I saw some markings that said 4.11 on the diff so I'm assuming that's the ratio. One of my mates said he thinks Toyota Corona centres should slot

straight in? I can find a corona centre very easily, struggling a little with a KE centre. So whats the deal, anyone know what diff centre I need, what will work, or if

a Corona centre will slot in? 

Cheers fellas, 


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I'm not right up on all the diffs you find in Aussie, but the two main types you find are the local BorgWarner (diff gears go in the back) and the Japanese banjo style. (diff head goes in the front).  if you want a better diff for driving on, I'd say find a T-series banjo diff from a Celica or AE86 or TE72. Change the whole rear drivetrain, diff, axles, housing, brakes. The T should bolt straight in, the F can fit but I think they were all leaf spring mounted. Someone on here will know exactly.

if you're going to weld it again grab a Borgie from any KE70 as they are almost free and common.

4.1 are in the manuals, 4.3 in the autos.


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