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Burco's turbo '86

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Hey all,
Figured I'd throw up a build thread for this with the hopes it'll keep me motivated and on track (lol)

Bought this back in Jul'15 and drove it back home from QLD. I'll be honest, it was a pretty scary drive! The suspension was set up for track use with oversized sway bars, strut & piller supports and the dampers set to the hardest setting. Thing was skittish a.f on the rural QLD roads, even at lower speeds, and I found myself bounced into the opposing lane several times and once into the path of a truck. Needless to say that, in conjunction with the miserable weather and poor visibility at the time, I found myself holding the wheel with a death grip and frayed nerves! Then I hit a bloody wombat! The fat little bastard tore out the rear sway bay on his way though, thankfully not damaging the mounts, and I found myself with the swaybar digging into the pavement. However, with a little bit of bush ingenuity and the handy help of the edge of the bitumen, I managed to bend it back up outta the way until I could remove it at the next service station. Funnily enough, removing the bar actually did wonders for the stability of the car and my peace of mind with the remaining 30hr drive being much less stressful!

I'll Split this into 2 parts, how I got it and my plans ahead..

So here's a snapshot from when I picked it up:

'84 ADM AE86

- Letterbox Levin Front End
- Carbon Fibre Bonnet
- Front bar modified for the intercooler
- Rolled front guards
- Screwed on +40mm Rear Over Fenders

- Deburred and polished 4AGZE Block
- ARP Main Studs & Head Bolts
- ARP Rod Bolts
- Cometic Head Gasket
- Motec ECU
- High Mount Turbo
- Front Mount Intercooler
- Oil Filter Relocation Kit
- Dual Coilpacks
- T50 gearbox
- T-Series disk 1.5way Kaaz LSD
- Running ~18psi Boost

- Shockworks Coilovers
- Front Strut Brace
- Front Fender Brace
- Rear Strut Brace
- Oversized Rear Swaybar
- Oversized Front Swaybar
- Adjustable Panhard Rod
- Modified cross member to include camber adjustment
- Upgraded steering components and urethane bushes

- Disk rear end
- braided front brake lines
- Wilwood oversized calipers
- Drilled and slotted rotors

- Recaro Bucket Seat
- Complete Plastics (Brown)
- Battery Relocated to Boot
- Standard cracked dash  with mat
- Electronic Gauges

- Rota 15x8 0 Front
- Rota 15x9 -20 Rear
- Spare pair Rota 15x9 -10

Here's some pictures from the previous owner:



And this is the day I picked her up




As for Current/Future Plans:
- Zenki Trueno Front End
- Shaved boot lock
- Shaved antenna hole
- Blended +40mm Rear Over Fenders

- Tidy up the engine bay, change out and re-path some of the hoses/ Wiring
- W55 Gearbox & short Shifter
- Soft Button Clutch to suit

- Shockworks Coilovers
- Standard Rear Swaybar
- Standard Front Swaybar
- Replace Cross Member, Steering rack and Steering column with components for power steering conversion.
- Replace any worn bushes/ components as needed

- New Carpet
- Replace the Dash
- Rewire and Re position Electronic Gauges

Will Upload some current pics in the near future, stay tuned!


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Looks awsum mate. Great to see it out there having a crack, not just a show piece. Love it.


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On 8/11/2017 at 9:47 AM, ausca62 said:

Looks awsum mate. Great to see it out there having a crack, not just a show piece. Love it.



Yeah I like driving too much to make something like a show piece lol

I have property and family out your way so with any luck we'll probably bump into each other at one of the events held over there once I've got her sorted an back on the road!


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Hey that's a nice car.  Swaybars are the worst thing you can add to an E chassis rwd car, unless you want to understeer, then snap oversteer and crash.  That wombat did you a big favour and even got involved tuning your car.  Wombats rule.


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Small Update

Here's how the car sits at the moment.
As you can see it has most of the trueno front end fitted, the rear fenders have also already been blended and repainted to match.
I also picked up some Climair visors which I'm fairly happy with.



Have also removed all the turbo setup, and started tackling the interior.
Engine will be coming out in the next week or so so that I can install the power steering crossmember, rack and column.
I'll also be reinstalling all the heater/fan stuff so that I can pass roadworthy and see out the windscreen plus not freeze my butt off during winter!
On top of that I hope to be able to re-rout some of the wiring to neaten it up, depending on how much of a PITA it's gonna be..


Anyways, most of my time in recent days has been spent cleaning, sorting and paneling the walls in my shed so that I can actually use it again!
Have way too much stuff >_< Thankfully have been able to pick up some industrial shelving so that should help with the organization and then, once I have it usable again, I'll get more stuck into the car.. hopefully


Stay Tuned

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Another small update:

Have stripped out the dash, centre console and disconnected gauges etc. in preparation to tackle wiring, reinstall heating and swap out steering column! Just need to locate my soldering iron, solder and wire then stock up on heat wrap an I'll be ready to go.



Also almost finished organizing my shed so that it's usable and not ridiculously cluttered, only a bit left to go and I'll be satisfied enough to get stuck into the car properly ^_^

Don't have any pics from before I started but you can see some of the progress from the pictures In my last post.



Having storage really helps!


Anyways, until next time!

Edited by Burcoty

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