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Connor Bowden

CB’s Green Ke70

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I'm alive, the Rolla is alive, my dreams are alive (again,but changed) after the rust repairs & badge hole filling and some prep, I found over these months a very large lack of time to contribute, so, I had to improvise, I put it into the paint shop... 

Lets just say I think I underestimated the work needed, with the old Lexcen I had help, and I was young, so things seemed a lot easier back then. 

One day I will build a tribute to the beautiful Lexcodore, maybe I might do an AE101 Corolla instead, seeing as the 1995 Holden Nova is the same thing, juut like the lexcen & Holden.

I'll start a new thread, CB's White Ke 70 I'll post as I put her back together.

But all that aside, here's the old girl in her new dress colour.



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