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CB’s Green Ke70

Connor Bowden

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I'm alive, the Rolla is alive, my dreams are alive (again,but changed) after the rust repairs & badge hole filling and some prep, I found over these months a very large lack of time to contribute, so, I had to improvise, I put it into the paint shop... 

Lets just say I think I underestimated the work needed, with the old Lexcen I had help, and I was young, so things seemed a lot easier back then. 

One day I will build a tribute to the beautiful Lexcodore, maybe I might do an AE101 Corolla instead, seeing as the 1995 Holden Nova is the same thing, juut like the lexcen & Holden.

I'll start a new thread, CB's White Ke 70 I'll post as I put her back together.

But all that aside, here's the old girl in her new dress colour.



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Here she is, I never posted putting back together as I said I would, because it took me waaayyy tooooo long and i couldnt be bothered. 

This her in current glory, she is my daily now. 

If anyone is interested in helping, I'm looking for:

  • AE86 coil-overs, camber tops, rcas, hubs, brakes, lcas, tie rods etc. you know the deal.

Not going to do driftos, not slamming, just want something beautiful to look at that isn't at 4x4 height, with a nice speed, good grip and smooth handling. (I want a car that is nice to drive, that could keep until I die and not get frustrated with.)

I have an AE71 4ac subframe waiting for me, no hassle for me going weld on engine mounts, unless anyone recommends them for mounting it further back for better handling?
Also have 4AGE waiting for me to do the suspension first. I eventually will want/need a T gearbox, driveshaft, clutch everything etc to go with. 

On another note, for anybody just buying their new baby with no money to mod properly, I can recommend replacing all your bushings ($100), giving it light 15x7's with 0 offset for reduced unsprung weight (it really matters) and 195/50's with good grip, running them at 40/42 psi, don't cut your springs it's not worth the trouble and discomfort and everything else that comes with it.

Also in my opinion:

  • Do get yourself a dash with a taco out of AE71 - they go straight in same plugs no hassle, or install one yourself, where the old radio is a good spot
  • Do check that your heater tap isn't shot, it helps with demystifying and you'll appreciate it, mine was pretty easy to figure out because the heater controls inside would not open up all the way (slider gets halfway and jams)
  • Do check your indicator/wiper control thing and make sure its installed correctly so it doesn't snap when you are trying to indicate out of a roundabout (pull apart the steering cover) it happens...
  • Do make sure you have the little rubber seal that goes around the fuel tank neck because water will get in your boot and rust things. (frustrating after a fresh coat, trust me)
  • Do make sure you clean all the gunk off your old tail lights seal so that your lights sit flush with the back and don't let water in. 
  • Do buy a $120 carpet of eBay if yours is shot.
  • Do run speaker wires properly to the rear parcel shelf because you will hate it when they constantly cut out. 
  • Do put a screw in every place a screw should be in your dash, unless you already can't hear anything because of your loud exhaust because the rattling of the dash will drive you mad. 
  • And finally do repaint your plastic bumpers. Buy a cheap can of acrylic paint in satin or matte black not enamel, and apply light, even coats every 15 mins because there is nothing worse than having a beautifully straight and shiny looking body with ugly, faded black bumpers. I did a backyard job and they still come up beautiful. 

Hope that has some value to you.

Here is my baby what do you think?

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Beautiful!!    That is gorgeous!

Just 4AGE it and drive it, the suspension can come later. Straight onto the stock AE71 crossmember is fine, but in the end you'll need an alloy radiator over summer.  Otherwise it needs very little to get a 4AGE in there.. the KE70GT should have been a factory option!   I love The Girls KE70 with a 4AGE and everything else is stock, it should have come from the factory like that.

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