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A couple of years ago i picked up this KE35 here in the philippines. Pretty much it was just covered in rust and had just two passenger side seats and cheap carpet glued all over the place to cover up the rust. I figured It would be a good project for me to work on my body work and welding skills. turns out i was right, lots and lots of practice. 


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My first task was to see how bad the rust was, and i would say over half of the car needed repair. So i got to work stripping and cutting and cutting and cutting...... and cutting. untill pretty much half of the car was cut apart, I pretty much was determined to make my own panels for the car, I figured it was already hard enough to find parts so isntead the trouch and hammer and lots of bending and cutting and lots of youtube tutorails haha. 




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After months and months and months I now had a descent understanding of what i was doing i guess haha. The doors and hood were completely reskinned. I decided to go with a shaved door kit for two reasons, 1 it looks cool, 2 i had less body work i would have to do! (the 2nd reason was the main reason!) 





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On 3/9/2018 at 10:47 AM, ke70dave said:

Yerp. That is dedication.

I like the actual painting, but holy moly i hate panel prep. Good on you for your persistence. 


I'm more confident with the metal work than painting. I figured also I just needed a brake haha 

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Since the body is in the shop being painted i have plenty of time to work on sooooo many other parts. 

When i got the car most of the electronics either didn't work or needed replacing. And since finding parts was a pain that i didn't want to do i figured i would just modify and replace if i could. 

I converted my tail lights to LED and try my best to repair them as best as possible. 

I created the LED panels and added sequential patterns for blinking. I also added a change over so that the brake light would shut off and let the turn signal work and then come back on after the signal was turned off. 

For the lenses i sanded and polished the crap out of them to try and bring back a descent shine. i needed up sanding off the lettering. Which i didn't mind. makes it a lot easier to wax and clean. I also painted the turn signals a matching red so that it looked like a solid red light. 




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