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Supercharged rolla

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You'd jump the T-series, they're too old & worn out, and go straight to a J160 6-speed.

Then you need an adapter plate to fit it on the motor if at all possible with input shaft dimensions, and the room in the car to fit a rather large gearbox.

We will all come to this problem as our K boxes can't be rebuilt as there are no bearings anymore, T boxes can't be far off the same problem, and there are no small RWD gearboxes in the Toyota range.

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Big problem with RWD-converting 2ZZs is that there aren't spots on the block for the engine-mounts, since they were only ever a transverse installation (in the Corolla/Celica/Lotus/MR2 3 of the 4 "engine" mounts actually attach to the gearbox)


Assuming that could be sorted, J160 would be a no-brainer.  2ZZs _need_ a 6-speed behind them to keep them on the boil, even with the stock C60/64 gearing they drop out of lift going between 1st and 2nd unless you slam the change and slip the hell out of the clutch, which is why most people fit aftermarket ECUs/piggybacks to lower the lift engagement point (that, and Toyota deliberately programmed it higher so that the kick was more pronounced, not faster)

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The Locost guys have been onto it for years it seems-

Motor mounts-


J160 adapter-



The lack of block attachments for engine mounts is something I'd never thought of. His solution is not ideal, but I can't see any other way.

Comments from a guy who owned one of those Rollas was that it was uninspiring but adequate in traffic going to work..  and an animal over 6000rpm when the dual valve lift/timing hit!  So you wanted to drive it over 6000rpm all day.  Someone else said there were chips to lower the cut-in revs. Old motors now, for blocks that can't be re-bored.

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18 hours ago, altezzaclub said:

 Old motors now, for blocks that can't be re-bored.

You can over-bore and then sleeve them, Bill/Xoom did this in his turbo ZZE123 Sportivo.


I lucked out and got an engine with only 127,000k on it, should still be factory-fresh.

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