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Hi everyone! I've got myself a 1980 ke55.

When I bought it it had all the usual corolla rust (rear wheel arches, boot, etc.) But when I started rust repairs, i found previous rust repairs. And bog. Lots. Of. Bog. Anyway to cut a long story short, I've decided to keep her and turn her into an absolute beast. It's a bit sacrilegious, I know but I was thinking of putting a 4.0 barra engine in it.. Any ideas/advice on the whole idea?



Ps. I have plenty of photos of youd like to see!

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Ive always thought a Barra would just be too much engine in the front of a little corolla.

If it were me and I was hooked on having a 6 Id be looking for a v6 like a 1grfe or VG VQ maybe, even an alloytec or ecotec before a straight 6.  Hell even a v8 if its just a fun car and it still wont have as much weight on the front axle.

Would a Barra be legal in the car on the road?  Or is it an off the road type of thing?

They have their place, a mk2 corona with a barra would be amazing.  They are made to take an inline 6.

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Been watching mighty car mods have we? 

Ke55 is a tiny car. I'd stick with a 4clr. 

People have trouble fitting the height of a bara into much bigger cars.i dont have any experience but it would not surprise me If you need to fabricated a new transmission tunnel and use a huge bonnet scoop just to physically fit it in. 

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Put the pics up!

Probably best the keep the car road legal, at least you can use it then.  Allowed up to around a 2.4l engine with a turbo. 

The barra is probably one of the hardest conversions to choose for this car, it can be done but as above post plenty of easier options.  

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