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Leyburn Sprints 2018


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Another great Leyburn Sprints. Fantastic weekend, of great fun !

My very favourite was the 73 Rolla of John Tyson, immaculately prepared, & sporting a 5665 cc V8, somehow shoe-horned into into the engine bay, with great precision !




The Shannons Show n Shine was also excellent.  This was my standout of the classics. My guess at first sight from a distance, was a very early Alvis.  Turned out to be something much rarer.  Any guesses ?     https://www.tradeuniquecars.com.au/feature-cars/1709/jaguar-ss1-review


And how about this pit crew, who travelled & lived in style !  


Cheers Banjo



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I’ve never understood the attraction of massive horsepower in a totally unsuited chassis with such a short wheelbase. Why wouldn’t you choose a more suitable chassis to start with, rather than engineer the thing within an inch of its life. 

don't get me wrong, I admire the execution and thought that goes into it. 

I really must get to Leyburn one day. 

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The ke20 with a v8 in it was only 2 sec a lap quicker than the 3k ke20 there.

Yeah !   1.01 & 1.03.  The 3K was screaming. The V8 was hardly raising a sweat.  Surprisingly, the 5.665 ltr Rolla had amazing traction.  I don't think John Tyson could afford to break it, as I think he drove it to the meet, with wife.  The 3K KE20 came on a trailer me thinks.

I never get over the enthusiasm of some of these "old racers". One driver, (who was giving it everything on the track), that I was talking to in the pits, told me he was 80 years olde !

Results are now on the Leyburn Sprints website.


Cheers Banjo





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Even still, the exchange of 4.4 litres for 2 seconds a lap is kinda disappointing.  I'm not saying it couldn't go better as is, but I am saying it could go better with a smaller engine with more driveable power.  Imagine the 3k traded for a 4age, it would be a real weapon on that course.

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Hi Johno,

                 Welcome aboard !

Have done a front suspension upgrade on my KE30 some years ago, using Celica RA65 struts, Cressida rotors & calipers, TechnoToy adjustable camber tops, & standard LCAs, with 22mm sway bar.  Can't help you with your little orange 1973 KE2X Corolla, but there is a current olde thread here under KE series, on just that subject, which has lots of references going back some years, & a lot of info from Toymods website.

I guess you are going to Leyburn again this year, on the 17th - 18th August.

I've been going to Leyburn for several years, & last year, a couple of us from Rollaclub, met up there.

There are a number of members on here, particularly in S.E. Qld, who keep saying, "I must get to Leyburn Sprints one day".

Well, here is your chance guys & gals.  I'll definitely be there for sure, & it would be great if a bunch of Rollaclub members got together there.

If you haven't been before, then I can assure you, it will be one of the best weekends you'll ever have, if you are into classic cars.

I took my wife the year before last, & she really enjoyed it !

I've put a couple of links below, where you can get all the info, & wet your appetite, with videos of previous years.

Express your interest, in this thread, & we can meet up at McDonalds/ South Toowoomba, at 6:00am on the Saturday morning, 18th.  After breakfast we can all run down together to Leyburn, to arrive there about 8:30am, in time for the first runs.  What fun !

Leyburn Sprints Website with Info

Leyburn Sprints 2017

Qld Weekender 2010

And here is what it like to be inside a car.  Yes I know it is a Nissan, but I could find one, from inside a Corolla. (because Corolla drivers are hanging on so tight, & too busy to make a video !)

Nissan Runs x 6

So if you are still not convinced, then Google, "Leyburn Sprints", & click on videos, & there is a tonne of stuff there, that will get you up & going.

There are always a few early Corollas there !

You can come up just for a day, or camp overnight Saturday, & see both days of racing.  

A lovely return trip to the Brisbane area, rather than coming down the range via Toowoomba, or Cunninghams gap, is cutting across to Clifton on the "Downs", & dropping off the range, & coming into the back of Gatton.  Lovely run in the late afternoon !


Cheers Banjo











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Hi John,

                Did you manage to get all the info you needed, to fit R31 Struts into your KE20.  I'm sure there are others on this forum, with KE20/25s, that would be very interested.

I look forward to meeting you at Leyburn this year.

Cheers Banjo

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Hi Johno,

                 Search "R31" on this forum, & you will find every mention of R31 struts.

Here is the thread I was referring to . . . . . .


The link to the original Bananaman post on Toymods website, appears to be broken or incorrect.

Go to the Toymods website, & register, & search Bananmans posts or search R31 struts.

Someone else on here might have copied Bananman's post & can add it to this thread.

I'll add links to any other references, I find.


You can do plenty of brake upgrades on the stock LCA and steering arm, using a variety of struts.


As i've said in many a thread, i'm using R31 struts, R32 280mm discs and 4 piston calipers, and an off the shelf caliper adapter. The option is there to use 296mm and 4 pots, or even the stock R31 250mm. You can even choose between 4 or 5 stud based on hub selection. I will be doing a full writeup on all this in the next couple of weeks if you're patient, mine are almost assembled. Bolts to stock lower control arm / steering arm.

Here is a link to all of Banaman's posts on Toymods. If you search through these, you'll probably find what you are looking for.


Cheers Banjo


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