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So here are my current vehicles

2001 Skoda Octavia combi, my daily driver and my 1st ever car. don't mind the rust on tailgate, it has been repaired after these photos were taken. 

1984 Ford Escort 1.3 LX, my current project car. No big stuff planned, keeping it as original as possible because its a rare model. 

1973 Tunturi 'pappa' moped, 'restored' some years back. Its not original, rear is from a newer style one and front fender should be same color with the engine cover. 


And then the reason I'm on this forum, this rusty pos of a Corolla. Its not mine quite yet, I'm buying it tomorrow :)

Model year is still a mystery as it has no paperwork yet. Its fate depends on those, if it can be registered it will be fixed, if not it will be parts. 













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Oh my. Good luck with that!  

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31 minutes ago, Big G said:

I just realised....its a 2 door. You must really like that car. Good luck. Show us your progress as you go.

Thanks.                                                          And btw its not getting a full restoration, not even a full respray. 

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