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AE82 SMALLPORT Conversion

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Awesome thanks. 

I bought the car not running, a quarter of the way into the smallport conversion.

Motor was in, engine loom had been done by a crackhead so i binned it and used my mate's ae92 loom. They didn't have a smallport ecu so my mate helped out with that also. 

I have plugged n routed the engine loom now, sent it to an autoelectrician to get the body harness connector wired up to the ecu and they plumbed it into the engine loom and did their own thing with ignition. Got it back it now wants to crank over but starter motor smokes and no bang, swapped starter with my 100% working starter motor, same thing. Swapped over starter motor wiring and battery terminal clamp for a neat one, still occurred. I dug deeper now i have established the distributor socket is much fatter than the connection on my igniter lead, now I'm tackling THAT and waiting to book the car back in with the electrician to find the bad wiring.

Sorry for the bulk post but thanks heaps for helping out!

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Never noticed that i wrote this up stating that it's a bigport.. Its a smallport lol. 

My profile name is relevant to my bigport i had in the past not this one I'm having all these issues with. 

I was just reading over everything and noticed you said confident its a bigport from an ae92.. 

My bad lol! It's a smallport from an ae92.

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