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AE82 SMALLPORT Conversion

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Hey all! 

Having issues getting my smallport started in my AE82 after conversion. 

•Using AE92 Smallport ECU / Engine Loom

•Ignition side/Body harness connector for ECU wired up by auto electrician

I got it home from the auto leccy, my lights now worked and all the rest of the electrical that should be powered from the ignition- INCLUDING the car wanting to crank over now. Yay!

They've plumbed the body harness' connector into the engine loom and wired up the starter relay etc different.

I asked if what they've done is different to the factory set up and they said no.

My close mate thinks they could have mucked up the starter relay??

Starter motor is smoking upon cranking. I took that one out and mounted the starter i know works 100% from my old AE82- SAME THING  HAPPENED.

Swapped the wiring from starter motor to battery with some healtier wiring from my spare loom, same thing occurred once again.

ALL my fuses are fine, everything is all plugged in, earth's are fine. 

Has anyone else been faced with this issue?

The car will be going back to the auto leccy, he think i might need some wiring updated/upgraded, the compression could be too much for the starter or I'm getting too much charge or something.. 

I'm not very switched on with any electrical that's more than a stereo lol.

Any ideas??

Sorry if this is all over the place!

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10 hours ago, altezzaclub said:

You changed the positive wire carrying the heavy current, but what about the earth to carry it back??  Make sure its the same size heavy wire and its bolted tight to motor and body.  It needs good crimping on its terminals too. 

I changed both wires, the thicker wire and the earth wire. I'll have a look at the crimping but i'm certain it was alright on my other car when it was being used.. if not just cut and re-do it?

Could there be anything other than that to consider?


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The mesh of the teeth on the starter and the flywheel can also load the motor a lot. If its all stock that shouldn't be a problem.  If the block doesn't match the gearbox bellhousing in the same way it can jam the starter.

You could check battery voltage with a multimeter, 12.5-13V sitting there, over 8V when cranking. The relay puts more amps to the solenoid & doesn't power the starter motor.

Other than bad wiring I can't think of anything that makes a good starter smoke. Its possible both motors had poor windings or burnt solenoids.

Did it crank over slowly or quickly?

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It's cranking at a normal speed. Fairly sure its all stock! Theres no gaps around the bellhousing i can see. 

The one that's on the car now should be absolutely fine as it worked on my other car without any issues.

I hope it's just a bit of wiring that needs updating and not anything extreme.. 

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So tonight i dug deeper and found that my distributor is not the correct one. Mine has a cap with the sockets faced towards my radiator, the correct distributor has the sockets facing up towards the bonnet.

Mine looks like this one here:


The ones coming up on everyone else's in their ae92 on google images have one like THIS:



I had one i thought was the same from my old AE82 that faced upwards, but the igniter's socket is in the centre of the cap unlike the BOSCH one pictured here and it was also too fat for my igniter lead to plug into. 

Could this be my issue? Cranking, wanting to work but the igniter isn't doing it's  job??

After falling asleep at the computer i learned you can swap certain distributor caps over to work. Is this an option for me?

Can someone please provide a part number for the correct AE92 distributor?

Last of all, what distributor came with my car?? Starting to think this is an AE86 motor because the water pipe behind the head is different and doesn't have the earth tab for the loom either.. 


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Confident it's out of an AE92 bigport TVIS engine when you are buying parts for the distributor in future.

That's not going to affect what your starter is doing though.  If the starter is smoking there is a problem with how it's wired, and it it's happened on a couple of starters including one you know is good, it's going to be a loom issue.

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