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No Spark/No Start issue- 1974 Corolla - 2TC -


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Hi Moe,

            I trust you sorted out your Accuspark issues, as they are simply the most reliable, non contact trigger system, you can use, if retaining the distributor, as part of the ignition system.

One of my Rollas, has had an Accuspark in it, for years.  Other than change the spark plugs as necessary, I have not touched it in years.  It is just so reliable !  When I first installed it, I placed a "limp mode" switch in it, in case my Jaycar electronic module failed out on the road somewhere.  I've never had to use the "limp mode" switch at all.

If you search this forum, for "Accuspark", there are a number of threads.

Here is one that may be of interest to you.


Any questions or queries, please give us all a yell.

Cheers Banjo

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Hey Moe

I have to agree with Banjo, my daughters rolla used to regularly destroy points. I installed the accuspark and have never looked at it since, no points replacing no timing adjustments and no breakdown calls in the middle of the night. Best $80 eva.



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