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"Jet advice for weber 32/36, anyone have one or know a bit about them? "

A common question, with no known answer that I've seen.  Most of them came of Ford Cortinas or Pinto, so a bit bigger, and most people run them as they are after asking exactly the same question.

Here's the search you should have done...








A 28/36 would be better I'd expect.  Just remember that Webers don't alter the mixture with the idle screw, only the flow.

For the extractors, a common trick is to measure the thickness of the inlet & exhaust flanges, cut a washer of the right thickness in half & glue a half onto another set of washers. When you fit the manifolds the half-washers take up the difference in flange thickness. Another even easier one, is to get a length of wire the right thickness and put  bit behind the washers as needed.

When you've done it all and its too slow, look around for some bike carbs, a quad set off a Gixxer.... I always regret not getting around to fitting a set just to see how fast it was.

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