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  1. check otu the XR4's on the front of the last buggy, they mate the engines to the vw transaxles by makeing like a 15mmthink adaptor plate to go inbetween
  2. its a ke10, it doesnt ahve the corolla 1200 front gaurd badges, bloody neat car though, i would be keeping it, doesnt take much to make them that little bit faster mate and keep them looknig stock, go find yourself a 4k or a 5k and you will be set
  3. yeah mate, shes a classic, she's the steam powered model, yeah its got some wikid jap dished 27x10's on it will get some pics of the ke15 tonight, its not much at the moment though
  4. ive got this for sale http://www.rollaclub.com/board/index.php?s...227&hl=ke11
  5. http://www.rollaclub.com/board/index.php?s...227&hl=ke11
  6. ive got my ke11 forsale http://www.rollaclub.com/board/index.php?s...227&hl=ke11
  7. spotted me getting 2 sprinters 1983 ae86 with a jap spec bigport also pciked up a project of saturday, a ke15 sprinter
  8. i might be up for a hobart meet, give me a date and i will see
  9. edited, i think he was also refering to everyones cars being slow when he said "does the timer go over 20 seconds?? apart from you nick the rest of our cars are slow!!", but meh, i dunno
  10. AU falcon springs will go straight into the rear, should theoretically make the car handle better as they are stiffer therefore less body roll etc, go down to supercheap and get your self a set of HK monaro rear springs at the same time and chuck it all ni togeather, will keep them captive and will make it handle better, then you've gotta sort out the front suspension, i say cut them down to about 2/3rd's of what thye were standard if you want a normal kinda height, i cut the ones in my car a little bigger than half and it was a nic low height and will still stay captive with these shocks
  11. i ahve a ke70 4age conversion package heres a link with full details and pics http://www.ae86drivingclub.com.au/board/in...owtopic=2098000
  12. selling my 4age ke70 corolla race/drift car PM me for more details
  13. price drop on ke11 to $2800 and $400 on the seca
  14. the white T18 woudl be kyles, dotn nkow if hes still on here, very overrated looknig car though
  15. BUMP $3000ono, not saying that i want 3000 for it but thats were we can start, I'm very negotiable, but not to the point of crappy offers may do a cheaper price if i keep stuff off it
  16. make me an offer, if i liek the offer and i think you will look after her i will let it go, by offer it usually means offer, yes i will sell it interstate but you ahve to arrange everything, ic an be at home for a truck to pick it up but thats all i will do, I'm not seperating the weber manifold, if you want that you buy the whole car, i might chuck it in with the car or keep it for another project
  17. what colour are you gunna paint it? top stuf anyway fellas
  18. fell free to show us more pics ......... please
  19. i have run cutties i heaps of my cars, its basically the firs tthing i do to a car when i get it, i run the AU falcon springs in the back of my ae71, thye are cut in half and seem to bee extremly strong, and i placed them abck in so the cut part was at the top not the bottom and i run hk monaro shocks, they work great for me, jsut as long as you ahve a set of decent even standard shocks cutties can improve a car out of sight, jsut cut em casey, who cares last week while i was browsing on ebay i saw a set of sprints for a ke20, they were lowered springs but the guy ran stock inserts, so he welded a bolt onto the top and the bottom of the springs and drilled holes in his spring seats and bolted them in liek this, why not do this? then your springs captive,
  20. corona arms are no sue in ke30's, they are basically the same length because stock sprinter arms are shorter than ke30, get some early sigma lower control arms from a GJ or similar with a press in ball joint, dotn get the ones with the bolt in ball joint as they are overly long
  21. look at the rolladore thread
  22. oh and ive also got an AE82 seca forsale, its got a 4a 1600 5 speed, has had the head reco'ed, new fuel pump, has a new cannon muffler, cd player, and near new tyres, good little car, needs a passnegers head ligth , body good but the previous owner has put spots of primer on the paint looking for $450ono would make a good motorkhana car or daily driver even
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