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  1. Nah mate street legal, have spokenwith multiple engineers and all have no probs with how I'm going about my conversion. Will post up some more details tonight.
  2. Hi guys, Thought it was about time I started a thread detailing my build project. I bought the car back at the start of the year off e-bay. I bought it without inspecting it so was pretty happy to find it in reasonable condition. So i got it home and started with my research as to what i could fit in the engine bay. I originally thought i'd go with a 4agte but after some research found the 4a road had been travelled many times over. So I've got a mate that had just bought a KE20 to make into a race car and he was talking about these 'mythical' Altezza beams engines...... HMMMMM my ears pricked up with the 210hp stock 6 speed manual. So off to the importers to pick up a front cut and make it happen :) So anyways once it was home i started stripping it down and removing excess parts to sell off to recoup some money. This is where the fun began, I had taken some measurements while the motor was in the front cut but it wasn't unitl it was out that I realised this was a much bigger project than i first thought. Don't worry there is more to come :)
  3. I've gone hopper stoppers kit on original struts with later model corolla inserts. Used otomot coilover kit with adjustable tops. Minimum 15 inch wheel. I've bought a Tilton pedal setup and using vh40 remote booster front and back Coz I'm going hilux diff with ma70 supra disk conversion. Expensive but I don't wanna build it twice. Heaps of options out there mate just takes the research time. Good luck. PM if u want photos.
  4. I've gone with the otomoto kit and think it's of good quality. I've also got the hopper stopper kit so I'm getting a custom bar made 22mm thick by signature sway bars for under $300. I'll try and get some photos up soon
  5. Dave, Again awesome work on the rust repairs. Such a shame about how much u found though. Good to see u can now make some more major progress with the loom. Keep the updates comin *thumbs up*
  6. Guys/Girls, I'm currently building my KE11 and need some info from you people out there about the front and rear track width of a standard KE11. This distance is measured from the centre of the front left to the centre of the front right tyres. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Luke
  7. Mate have you got some photos, would be interested. Will need to organise freight or may be able to get a friend to pick it up for me but need photos first. Thanks
  8. Hey mate do you still have the coilovers for sale???? Pretty keen with cash ready.
  9. Hi, I have a full set of KE20 gutter moulds in perfect condition, just need a polish $75 + postage. I'm in Nowra NSW 2541 You won't find them in this good a condition Luke
  10. Hi, I've got a KE20 front end sitting on the garage floor. Its the only thing you'll need is strut tops. $200 and its yours. I'm in Nowra on the NSW south coast Luke
  11. Hi, Just wondering if your still after a passenger front guard. I've got one in good condition minimal damage and no rust. see pics below. $120 + freight I still have both if you need two, comes without blinkers though Cheers Luke
  12. Mate I have a heaps of spares for a KE20 coupe if your interested. Theres also more that i have mentioned so if something isn't there that u need just send me a message and i'll let you know. http://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/46531-ke20-rolling-shell-wheaps-of-spares/ Luke
  13. Price drop $1000 firm. If it doesn't sell then i'm just gunna have to part it out. Just want it all gone. Also their is another set of doors and guards in reasonable condition.
  14. What no interest at all???? Anyone want to make an offer???
  15. Hey, Just wanna put this up for sale. I was gunna build this Ke20 into a street car but have since lost interest due to other projects. The shell is in reasonably good condition apart from the drivers side strut tower where the bloke before me has attacked it for some unknown reason and a small amount of rust on the passenger side sill (will get a photo soon). Here are some photo's. As you can see there is almost a complete car just there but theres more. I've still got another set of doors, guards, a good bonnet and heaps of bits and pieces. I'll get more photo's as I sort it all out. I'd like $1500 ono for everything, this offer is open for 1 month from the 9/11/2010 and after that i'll be parting it all out at yet to be determined prices. Please PM or comment here for any details as I'm on here all the time. Luke
  16. Hi, I'm chasing a drivers side strut tower without rust. The shell i've got is great condition apart from the previous owner cutting the strut tower and stretching it to fit a bigger strut top???????? Don't ask me why they'd even bother. If possible i need the whole panel cut out so I can unstitch it and spot weld it back into my shell to make it original. If your unsure of what and where i mean I can take a photo and post it up. I live in NSW 2541 if your wondering about postage cost (i'll cover that too, obviously). Thanks Luke
  17. Mate, just wondering if you'd be keen to swap and r32 GTS with 18's, power fc computer, HKS turbo, intercooler, 3inch exhaust, electronic boost controller, custom paint etc for your KE20 plus a cash adjustment my way???
  18. Can you send some pics to [email protected] in particular the ding in door, any rust and photo of rego label if rego'd :D Cheers Luke
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