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  1. 👍 Good work, will be smick when it's all sorted.
  2. Shit yeah good work, really starting to come along now mate. That tunnel looks heaps better than mine... Jelly much????
  3. Lee, Firstly awesome build and super impressive times!!! I am building a KE10 for road use and was wondering if you would be able to post up some photos of the suspension setup and roll cage install. I am putting a 2L Beams motor in mine and want to increase chassis rigidity and occupant safety. Any photos would be great :) Keep up the good work!! Luke
  4. Well I proceeded to install my Vintage Air heater/demister unit last night. It fits nicely under the dash with only millimetres to spare :) As you can see here the core is visible from inside the car, I'm not sure if i will make a sheetmetal cover that hides this or just leave it exposed??? What is everyones thoughts??? I'll get some more photos of the hose routing this arvo and post them tonight. Fingers crossed it all fits in there and nothing fouls i.e. wiper arms, glove box etc. LOL I have run the heater hoses through the gaps at the top of the firewall as this aids routing the hoses under the dash and minimises the risk of kinking the hoses. Also to get the motor and box out it took me about me 15 min yesterday, HUGE thanks to my mate Muzza and his awesome wiring job, it allows me to unplug the motor and just drop the whole front end out without to much trouble. Here is a photo showing the fuel line routing, I tried to keep it tucked up in the tunnel as much as possible and close to the rail to minimise anything flinging up off the road and damaging it.
  5. Ha finally worked out how upload vids - cheers Jono.C Here's a link, I know video quality is poor but I'll sort some more out tonight and get them uploaded ASAP here's another one I sorted this arvo of the first fire up
  6. Hey Jono.C yeah mate absolutely stoked about getting it fired up, sounds awesome with no exhaust LOL it has made me super keen to get things sorted (mainly pedal box so I can take it for a spin) but there is still a long way to go and have only really scratched the surface. Although it is a huge step in the right direction thats for sure. Ive got to get my heater/demister core mounted and plumbed in plus finish tidying up a whole bunch of stuff so wont be anytime soon. Now just to flick work and spend all my time working in the shed........
  7. Finally got it started tonight, had some dramas with a fuel blockage inside the pump body but once it was cleared, she fired straight away. Still heaps to do but what great sound to my ears... More videos and info to come...... For now I'm heading to bed to dream about fangin round in her :) BTW what sort of video file do I need to use to upload videos to this site... I'm having heaps of trouble gettin them uploaded.
  8. Jono.C - they are Otomoto tops machine down to fit in the 10 strut tower and drilled to the 10 bolt pattern, they fit well but don't allow for enough camber adjustment at the moment hence why Jordain and I had to cold bend our struts.
  9. Well my fuel system is now complete :) as described earlier I'm using Aeroflow gear. I have run the 3/8" pressure line & 5/16" return line under the car and up into the engine bay where it terminates back to braided line using -6AN fittings. I opted for an Aeroflow inline 50 micron re-usable filter to simplify things. The original fuel line diameter is 4.9mm and the 3/8" is 7.2mm so a reasonable upgrade in flow diameter. Now I need to flush my tank and wire in the battery tomorrow arvo and she should fire into life. I haven't wired the dash in yet but the software that comes with the ECU will allow me to monitor everything in real time anyway. Fingers crossed all the checks prove to be good and I might have a video for all you peeps by the weekend. Will get some better photos of the under carraige fuel line layout tomorrow in the light and of the engine bay too :)
  10. Rollabeams - I bought a manifold of CelicaRA45 from Toymods, $650 delivered I think it was. Its is tad expensive but makes life so much easier. His email is [email protected] if ya need to get hold of him.
  11. Autofill - far out, I need to double check my s&$t before posting willy nearly... Could of sworn I read somewhere they were 1600+????? Oh well another correction to my memory bank :) Jordy I reckon mine is about 35L but it def don't go all the way to the parcel shelf
  12. Upgrade??? The one out of the 11 you sold me is just as big if not bigger ( I think ) will be filling it up tomorrow arvo so I'll let you know
  13. Yeah could be the problem. What diff ratio do you have??? Might be revving to high compared to standard too. I think standard Altezza ratio is 4.33:1
  14. I don't think I'm gunna need it. My mates KE20 with the same Beams setup did about 50 laps of the Marulan track flat out and used about 25L. You have to remember that the Altezza is approx 1700kg while mine will come in around the 950kg plus myself (80kg),I think I will be fine :) but yes i did look at using a alloy fuel cell (check previous posts) but wanted boot space as I plan on doing some serious k's.
  15. So I thought while i have some spare time I'll post up a few progress shots. I have nearly sorted all the wiring loom out and finally got my fuel tank and lines sorted in the boot. I'm running Aeroflow 200 series lines and fittings to reduce the chance of vapor entering the cabin. I'm stoked with how neat it has turned out and can't wait to organise the hard lines under the car. Once the fuel system is sorted in the next couple of days my mate who has wired the car up reckons it should be ready to go ahead and start!!! EXCITED MUCH :) LOL
  16. Glenn - it will be difficult as there isn't alot of space under the car for both secondaries. I'm having trouble fitting the 2-1/2" pipe past the gearbox xmember at the moment. Plus I've been told to try and keep the catalytic converter as close to the motor as possible for best efficiency.
  17. Autofill - yeah don't qoute me on it I'm no expert, he told me it was out of a Tarago so it maybe it is a f series???
  18. Johnno c- thanks, they took a little bit of mukin round to get sorted but I'm pretty happy with them. The only down side is due to limited space I have to mod the gearbox xmember to get the exhaust past it. It might be ok I'll just have to check ground clearance. Altezzaclub- yeah it went really well, he had some minor scoring on the rear rotors after a few laps but we found some metal filings between the pads and rotors, so we cleaned them up and it was all good. He reckons the car handled really well apart from lifting the I side rear wheel under heavy braking/cornering but this will just take some time to nut out. His best lap time was a 46.2 sec so he was pretty stoked and the marshals were pretty impressed for it's first run. Yeah it's awesome how interchangeable parts are from different models. This centre isn't the best though for track duties as he still experienced some single tyre wheels spin. I'm pretty sure he is going to a locked centre to maximize drive :)
  19. So I decided to start on the extractors the other night because I needed to be able to wire up the 02 sensor shortly. I had the original top section of the exhaust manifold already so I decided to cut the flange of where the the 4 runners merged to 2 and make it into a set of 4-2-1 extractors. The primaries are about 1-3/4 inch and the secondaries are 2 inch into 2-1/2 inch main pipe. I visited my local exhaust shop and picked up the bits i needed which included 1* 180deg 2 inch mandrel bend 200mm 2-1/2 inch straight pipe 1m 2 inch straight pipe While I was there I oxy cut the old flange off and the stock heat shield brackets. Once I got home I cleaned the 4-2 mergers up with a angle grinder, die grinder and round file. I then measured the length of the 4 primaries (390mm) and fitted them back on the car. I then lifted it on the hoist and began fabricating the rest from underneath. I decided to maintain the same length for both primary and secondaries just for simplicity. Heres a few photos of how they turned out.
  20. You could also buy the gen 3 pump bracket and pump u it if that suited you better. I didn't bother as it was substantially more expensive and I'm not chasing massive HP.
  21. Apparently the walbro 600hp pump is a direct replacement. I think the Bosch intank one would be too big but.
  22. So I changed my mind about my fuel system. After talking with one of my mates about simplifying the overall setup and creating some space for the spare wheel he suggested I use a Castlemaine Auto Enterprises weld-in adapter ring on my original tank. It allows me to use a VT 5L in-tank pump with a surge tank and sender built in also a rollover check valve in the carbon canister line. Turns out heaps neater than external surge tanks and low + high pressure pumps. It will also cuts the cost down on associated hoses and fittings. This is the pump unit, when it is inserted into the tank it compresses down to ensure the surge tank is always hard on the bottom of the tank. It didn't fit into the tank so I had to shorten the stainless legs by about 2.5 inches, it then fitted perfectly. So this is the fuel tank with weld-in ring welded in So heres the pump installed So the fuel pump uses push on aeroflow fittings that convert to AN fittings and I will be using 200 series PTFE hose to eliminate the fuel vapour in the car. Now to finish the exhaust and install the O2 sensor so I can start the old girl when my fuel lines arrive :)
  23. Cheers Willis, I didn't even realise I'd forgotten the main details. Cheers
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